We’ve lived so long under the spell of hierarchy—from god-kings to feudal lords to party bosses—that only recently have we awakened to see not only that “regular” citizens have the capacity for self-governance, but that without their engagement our huge global crises cannot be addressed. The changes needed for human society simply to survive, let alone thrive, are so profound that the only way we will move toward them is if we ourselves, regular citizens, feel meaningful ownership of solutions through direct engagement. Our problems are too big, interrelated, and pervasive to yield to directives from on high.
—Frances Moore Lappé, excerpt from Time for Progressives to Grow Up

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Recommended Websites/weblogs & Sources of Information and Analysis for today (updated almost daily)

I am a socialist. Socialism means a substantial ownership and control by ordinary people of economic institutions instead of a class of "owners" (billionaire capitalists) whose ownership under the rules of capitalism largely serves themselves in the forms of wealth and power as a class instead of society as a whole. By "substantial ownership and control" I mean in order to be a socialist that this applies to people who regularly at the very least support public ownership of major corporations and the Federal Reserve (a privately owned corporation that deceptively suggests a name which implies public ownership.) Ordinary people will decide what constitutes "public ownership" of a business, a government which will be directed by them, and which the economy serves the interests of the entire society instead of the transnational capitalists or even industrial capitalists.


We see today how the transnational capitalist class inspects our every move over the internet--and worst of all, they propose new digital IDs for everyone so that they can better control us. Because this new dominate, class-based system has fooled nearly everybody with their emphasis on their use of propaganda, psy-ops, gaslighting, censorship, and other means of manipulating peoples consciousness of the real world, I see the need for independent political analysts who serve the interests of ordinary people instead of the billionaire-rich. 


However, this class-based system still uses violence and the threat of violence to attain compliance when all other means fail. That is why the USA is involved in many wars and have about 900 military bases all over the world. That is precisely the reasons that the ruling capitalist class has established NATO: to impose violence on any nation that thwarts its ambition to rule the world.


All the lists, which are in alphabetical order, are based on my experience of more than 12 years of running this website. The first list of websites are those that I feel advocate socialism and reliable information about this distorted capitalist reality. But all lists include dissident writers are based on honesty and, for the most part, propaganda-free deceptions. Especially in the third list, I don't agree with all of their geopolitical views and analyses, but we should listen to all honest views and stay away from corporate-financed news and geopolitical reporting.

  • Breakthrough News  Frequency: very roughly, about twice a week.
  • CADTM  Selections about sovereign debt by Eric Toussaint, a French socialist  7/18/2022: I could not access this website today, and I have been unable to access this website since 7/17/2022. Another victory for censorship? 7/26/2022: Today I was able to access this website. 7/30/2022: I wasn't able to access this website. 7/31/2022: Same today. 8/1/2022: I have not been able to access this website since 7/25/2022. 8/3/2022: I have access today and all the days since!
  • Caitlin Johnstone  Johnstone is an Australian with her American husband, Tim Foley, also reading the script in the audio section of her article, but you may miss supporting examples, illustrations, supporting links, etc. She blogs almost daily.
  • Covert Geopolitics  The censorship of real news and analysis is getting worse by the day! 7/24/2022: Still cannot access it--the same experience as yesterday. 7/25/2022: Haven't been able to access this website since 7/22/2022--another success for the censorship fans! 8/11/2022: I discovered that if you don't have VPN on your computer as I don't, you can access this website with the same web address as the original! Mystery that needs to be solved. 8/13/2022: I can't access this website since yesterday, but working on the problem. 8/14/2022: As I did, if you hurry, you can access articles, and all articles from this website are free of censorship. 8/25/2022: I had no difficulty in accessing this website. 8/26/2022: Ditto yesterday. Since 8/24/2022 I have had no difficulty accessing this website.
  • Dissident Voice  Nearly everyday.
  • EarthNewspaper 
  • Global Research  GR is a Canadian aggregated website recommended for people who have limited time except on the issue of "climate change" which Prof. Michel Chossudovsky, a Canadian and the founder of the website, addresses climate destabilization rarely since the recent IPCC reports were issued. Years ago he considered it as a "hoax". Many writers on his re-posts have at least socialist leanings. 8/14/2022: I could not access this website today.
  • Global Times  Reputedly express the views of the Communist Party of China.
  • Guns and Butter  Bonnie Faulkner, the owner of this website infrequently posts in-depth interviews of independent and top geopolitical thinkers for about an hour.
  • Internationalist 360°  Frequency: nearly everyday. This website provides an essential third world perspective on world political issues. 9/15/2022: There is a post on today's edition by Pepe Escobar that I agree with, particularly when he writes "This is an existential war. A do or die affair." or a class war versus an extended family war (think Margaret Thatcher). Putin is fighting this war between the de-facto US/British/Zionist Empire and its army (NATO) versus the rest of the planet like it is a "Special Operation". Maybe Putin and company are trying to avoid WWIII. (See today's discussion among the four participants on The Duran show.) 9/16/2022: See the post entitled "Why Azerbaijan Attacked Armenia: Azerbaijan Playing a Proxy Role for the US and Israel".
  • John's Newsletter Frequency: "The Ol' Hippy" posts about two times a week. 
  • Media Lens  Frequency: A British left-wing weblog that has lately been publishing roughly twice in a month. 9/15/2022: There is a new essay on today's post by their two top editors, David Cromwell and David Edwards.
  • Middle East Monitor
  • MintPress News  (based in Minneapolis) Scroll down to the section labeled "Featured News" for the latest posts. They focus on mainly, but not exclusively, on Mid-East issues. I especially recommend articles by their top journalist, Alan Macleod, whose reporting and analysis often gets to the essence of issues.
  • Multipolarista
  • New Eastern Outlook  8/30/2022: I initially got a page that looked like Russian, but I soon found the button which I clicked on "Eng" (in the upper left-hand corner) and I found success with the English addition.
  • Peoples Dispatch 
  • RT   I also advise you to access the "World News" on this website as a contrast with major media (propaganda) in the USA and in the de-facto US/British/Zionist Empire which comprises much of South America, much of Europe, Israel, and of course in the former British Empire, the prime nations of this Empire, the British former planted colonies like Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Because of rigorous censorship by corporate media located in the Empire and throughout much of the world, you won't find a number of dissidents living in these areas.
  • Sputnik News  This website furnishes a Russian perspective of world events. I have not been able to access this website since 6/26/2022. In its place, I found this--clearly a propaganda-filled fake website. Finally, on 7/9/2022 I had access to the real site, but I have had no access since then. 8/8/2022: I accessed the website today. It appears that this website can be accessible when I don't use VPN from certain areas of the globe. It is accessible now.
  • Strategic Culture Foundation  Based in Russia but features international writers offering their views on very significant topics. I've had no difficulty in accessing this previously censored website since 9/4/2022.
  • The Cradle  Judging by its suffix "co", this website is based in Columbia, but recently Pepe Escobar said that The Cradle was based in Beirut, Lebanon--Colombian expats currently living in Lebanon? The website posts most articles by Pepe Escobar, a great Brazilian journalist currently based in the Middle East.
  • The Grayzone  Frequency: about two per week.
  • The Wall Will Fall  Vanessa Beeley, a British journalist
  • Titanic Lifeboat Academy  Caren Black, a retired educator, runs an aggregated website and occasionally writes articles herself. She is especially concerned by the climate crisis and the aggressive foreign policy of NATO. Although not nearly as comprehensive as Global Research or RT, this is another website that people, who have limited time, can access and keep up on most general world events and their understanding. 9/18/2022: Pay close attention to this article.
  • UK Column
  • Unlimited Hangout (Whitney Webb)  Webb is coming off of a maternity leave, and hopefully she will return to full time writing. She has closely followed the Epstein mysteries (the attempt to corrupt Anglo leaders of the de-facto US/British/Zionist Empire--with "entertainment" provided by "recruited" young women--whose "activities" can be useful to Israel). Look for her articles in a variety of websites.
  • Unlimited Hangout on Odysee (Whitney Webb)  Frequency: ?
I don't know where most of the people (with the exception of "YouTube--my subscriptions") on the following list are on the question of whether they favor capitalism or real socialism. Because it is hard for many people to be socialists after receiving thorough indoctrination while living in a capitalist societies, it is fashionable for such dissidents to be anarchists. Anarchists focus on only the ruling class's government in contrast to real socialists who focus on the ruling capitalist (billionaire) class. This is understandable because you will not hear the names of the members of the ruling class being broadcasted in the TV evening news. The corporate media will focus on government leaders who carry out the orders of the ruling capitalist class who are mostly financiers and their major corporate CEO partners. The following writers, many of which are writing mostly from an anarchist points of view, but hold and write opinions honestly:
  • Anti-Empire 
  • Behind the Curtain - Edward Curtin  Frequency: roughly once per two weeks. His religion, the Roman Catholic religion (if my memory is correct), weaves in and out of his perspective on social and political issues. But to his credit, he has often exposed the lies behind the Kennedy assassination and his brother which, in his view, began the slow disintegration of the USA.
  • Brownstone Institute
  • Clandestine’s Newsletter on Substack. He/she is based in San Francisco, California.
  • Consent Factory, Inc. C. J. Hopkins is an expat living in Berlin and writes mostly satire with a sardonic twist. Frequency: roughly once per three weeks. I suspect that he is some kind of anarchist. 8/26/2022: I notice that he has another outstanding article today! 9/12/2022: Another!
  • Consortium News  The weblog features posts and re-posts about relevant events. Frequency: about three times a week. 9/12/2022: Today, I recommend this article. It reminds me of my rather in-articulated thesis contained in this commentary and this essay.
  • Craig Murray Frequency: about once a week. Murray is a Scotsman, retired British diplomat, and supporter of Scotland's independence. 
  • Declassified UK  A left-wing website which includes anarchists, is based in Britain. Frequency: roughly two times a week.
  • Edward Slavsquat on Substack  Frequency: roughly twice a week. I refer you to Wikispooks brief bio, which is really by Riley Waggaman who writes under the pen-name of Edward Slavasquat and is based in Moscow. I have encountered his articles in the past and he seems to be influential among other independent writers. 7/22/2022: I discovered him today in Off-Guardian. 9/12/2022: He aspires to offer a balanced view regarding the Russian Special Operation in Ukraine (see his article entitled "Insane in the Ukraine").
  • Franc Analysis on Odysee. Frequency: roughly once every two weeks. Recommended by Eva Bartlett. I am including this on Odysee because Rokfin charges you to subscribe.
  • Geopolitics & Empire on Odysee.  Frequency of posts: roughly twice a week. Hrvoje Morić, who is a former professor of history, of Croatian descent, and currently resides in Mexico in spite of being born and raised in Chicago. He comes from a conservative perspective and is very critical by infringes of his freedoms. Morić has recently been outspoken in his political beliefs which is laced with the Catholic religion and the Christian bible (he was raised in the Catholic Religion). Morić has given fascinating interviews of independent dissident thinkers for about an hour or less. Also, he does interviews with independent people on a radio show on TNT.
  • George Eliason  I am pleased to add this interviews Eliason on the recommendation of Vanessa Beeley at her blog The Wall Will Fall: "I interview independent journalist George Eliason based in Donbass for shocking insight into the predatory nature of NATO member states."
  • Johnny Vedmore  Frequency: Roughly once a month.  
  • Jonathan's Newsletter (on Substack) By Jonathan Cook, a Brit, a former journalist of The Guardian, and one of the world's top independent journalists, has returned to Britain after living in Nazareth, Palestine for 20 years. 
  • In Gaza - and beyond  (Eva Bartlett, a Canadian journalist) Bartlett has moved to Russia and has been residing there for a year. Thus, she has since focused on the Ukraine war. I have included her on my selection of YouTube's posts
  • Middle East Eye  (Based in London)
  • Moon of Alabama  Bernhard, an astute German independent blogger, comments on, and analyses policies and trends, behind major world events. 9/16/2022: Bernhard corrects many false reports from the Empire's media.
  • Nature Bats Last Prof. Guy McPherson is a retired professor of biology at the University of Arizona. Based on his discoveries and research, he expects abrupt climate destabilization in the near future. He is some kind of anarchist.
  • Off-Guardian  Frequency: Nearly everyday. 7/14/2022: I recommend this important article and this on the same topic that most of alternative media has overlooked.
  • Our Finite World--Gail Tverberg  She is a master actuary (statistician); and for her, the numbers to add up to any solutions to our many crises.  
  • The Last American Vagabond  Avoid Ryan Cristián's articles, otherwise you will spend several hours on his video and audio posts. Especially look for articles by Robert Inlakesh, Whitney Webb, and Derrick Broze.
  • The Most Revolutionary Act  Stuart Bramhall, US citizen, who was living and working in Seattle as a psychiatrist, a refugee from FBI harassment (in my opinion, because she, like actor Jean Seberg, had intimate relations with African-Americans and supported their issues). Bramhall currently lives in New Zealand where she found employment and escaped further FBI harassment. She re-posts an article which she sees an critical importance nearly everyday, and occasionally she writes one herself. (She wrote a book by the same title as her website.)
  • The New Atlas on Rumble  Brian Berletic who I have followed many years. He is an ex-Marine who lives in Thailand with his family nearly 20 years, and has also been published in New Eastern Outlook.
  • The Pulse  A Canadian website which focuses mostly on issues related to the "covid pandemic". 9/11/2022: Be sure to watch today's post.
  • The Saker  You can access Pepe Escobar's articles here as well as other articles of interest. Founded by Andrei Raevsky ("The Saker"), who is descended from White Russian immigrants (essentially capitalist armies who fought against Bolsheviks during the Russian Revolution of 1917) and who, after the defeat of White Russian armies, the family immigrated to Europe and he eventually became a US citizens. Raevsky, who is the founder and administrator of the website, who after receiving threats from governmental/corporate authorities, he moved his server to one in Iceland. Post of special interest to all American socialists and people who are addicted to corporate propaganda media (CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, NY Times, Washington Post, etc.): How the West uses its propaganda skills to defame its enemy countries. It is a post by a journalist from China and a part of a webinar and posted on The Saker (The Empire Strikes Back: Imperialism’s global war on multipolarity--2:48:10). Today (7/8/2022) I had a problem accessing this website. I will try to find a fix this. Meanwhile, try another browser (I'm using Firefox with ExpressVPN). "The Saker" is back online after a day or two of failed access. 7/31/2022: I had difficulties accessing this website, but I finally succeeded. Since then I have had no difficulty accessing the website.
  • Voice for Science and Solidarity  This website is founded and run by Geert Vanden Bossche, a world renowned virologist who is rather recently concerned by the methods of the UN's World Health Organization, whose top funder is Bill Gates, to cope with the covid pandemic and anticipated pandemics. WHO's head is none other than Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus of the aggressive Tigray province of Ethiopia which has been trying to destabilize Ethiopia and propagandized by US-based corporations like CNN, Facebook, and Twitter. These facts raise several questions: Could this be another project of the CIA? Could the appointment of Ghebreyesus as head of the WHO be a coincidence?
  • YouTube--my subscriptions  I particularly like this selection in spite of YouTube's tendency to censor. Although I cannot identify all of this selection as being pro-socialist, but they are honest in contrast to mainstream media which always practice deception and propaganda. However, most of them are hampered by their western education overflowing with indoctrination of capitalist theology. In spite of this limitation, these are posts, especially those of the Duran and the American Lira, who is living in Karkov, Ukraine, are among the best posts I can deliver to my followers. To obtain a different point of view, I also recommend to my followers regarding the YouTube channel by Li Jingjing, a journalist employed by a major newspaper in China.  We who live in the Empire have a hard time to learn about China from honest journalists employed by capitalist corporations because they have a virtual monopoly of news reporting worldwide. Then there is Danny Haiphong who is a real socialist. 7/12/2022: I recommend this which indicates news "management" (propaganda) and censorship is prevalent across Europe. 7/20/2022: I am also including YouTube's "BestEvidence" channel by John Titus and adding to my provisional list after viewing one dated 8/14/2021. Also, he has posted the past week. I recommend that you view the Titus's videos because they will educate you about money and the self-serving changes that our ruling capitalist class advocates. You should learn that our ruling masters don't care a whit (def.) about us, but about them and their families. I am adding Titus's channel to this collection of videos on a provisional basis on the strength of a recommendation of west coast friend who I have relied on frequently. 9/3/2022: If you have the time, I definitely recommend viewing the Gonzalo Lira's post and discussion with Clifton Duncan and Chris Martenson. If you want to thoroughly understand what happened on Jan. 6, 2020, I recommend the post by The Grayzone in a mockumentary with Katie Halper of Biden's recent speech to please his bosses in the ruling capitalist class and not the people in the USA. 9/11/2022: Be sure to watch the post by The Pulse. 9/14/2022: I am dubious that Freddie Sayers, host of "Unherd", introduces Clint Ehrlich as a "realist". It sounds like Ehrlich is jumping on the bandwagon of the "Ukraine Offensive". Contrast this with articles by Pepe Escobar and Bernard's Moon of Alabama. 9/16/2022: I recommend the post that features Scott Ritter (The Grayzone). I have removed The Herd from this selection because of their manifest bias toward to the British aristocracy of the British ruling class.
Other recommended websites, which are honest, likely represent old-fashioned capitalism (industrial capitalism) in which finance capitalism (neoliberalism) mostly replaced old-fashioned capitalism plus private ownership of the economy in fewer hands that old-fashioned capitalism naturally created. What I mean those writers and journalists who honest, are those that produces useful insights without succumbing to capitalist propaganda. Remember what Upton Sinclair said? ("It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.") This new ruling class under financial capitalism (neoliberalism or neofascism promoted by transnational and neocon capitalists) is a society currently ruled by a concentrated self-serving, transnational capitalist ruling class. Nations under their control have societies that have characteristics of neofascism: rule by a heavy component of deception backed up by violent methods, and pursuing policies that favor their transnational capitalist operations. This has replaced the earlier form of fascism (mostly rule by violent methods on behalf of the ruling capitalist class--the fascist Empires led by Germany and Japan). Currently, such societies makeup the neofascist (more deceptive and less violent methods within the USA) and transnational capitalists in the de-facto US/British/Zionist Empire which preserves the same goal of the earlier fascist Empires--striving to control the entire world. Old-fashioned capitalist writers often have much to say that is worthwhile about the current and dominant form of capitalism (finance capitalism) and other issues. Although a few old-fashioned capitalists violate Sinclair's rule of thumb and are concerned more with the truth above money, we must listen to them by reading their articles.

  • A Son of the American Revolution  Larry Johnson is presently a historian at the College of William & Mary and was about 20 years ago employed at the State Department & CIA. 
  • Children's Health Defense  (founded by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.) Scroll down to the section labeled "The Defender" for their latest posts.
  • Children's Health Defense--Europe  Frequency: roughly once per week. Founded by attorney Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
  • Glenn Greenwald  Frequency: about once a week. 
  • Naked Capitalism  
  • Paul Craig Roberts  Frequency: Nearly every weekday and occasionally on weekends. I haven't seen a post on holidays. Roberts is a former Asst. Secretary of the Treasure in the Reagan administration. Roberts always exhibits a pro-Reagan bias because of this. He is an old-fashioned capitalist (industrial capitalist) that soon became superseded by the neocons, the more finance-oriented faction in the Deep State who went on to take control of the Democratic Party in the USA and are key supporters of the right-wing Jews (Zionists) of Israel.
  • Peak Prosperity  Chris Martenson, PhD, who is administrator of this website, seems to be advocating "back to the land" by cutting most ties to city and government services. Thus Martenson is an anarchist who believes that the existing society is so thoroughly corrupt, and the best way to deal with it, is to cut ties with the larger society. He has also contributed to the unraveling of the many mysteries of the "covid pandemic".
  • The Exposé  A British website which has been covering the "covid" pandemic extensively. The only problem is that they consider "climate change" as nonsense.  This is precisely because the capitalist system has driven us off the cliff of irreversible abrupt climate destabilization. Thus, according to their view, capitalism is good and "climate change" is nonsense. I'm putting this on a provisional basis because they have not cited a British government source in today's (9/11/2022) article entitled "Government publishes horrific figures on COVID Vaccine Deaths: 1 in 482 dead within a month, 1 in 246 dead within 60 days, & 1 in 73 dead by May 2022". I am a geopolitical expert but I have closely followed medical posts during the covid pandemic. Given the latter fact, I stick to my uncompromising principle that because any "vaccination" carries a risk associated with it, all vaccinations should be voluntary.
  • The Ice Blog  Frequency: about once per month. 
  • The Unz Review  Founded by Ron Unz, a retired physicist, who has a brilliant mind but limited by anti-Jewish attitudes (although he is a Jew--101.25m) which seem to be fading appropriately into a view that targets right-wing Jews (Zionists). And, he seems to be moving to the true left as he includes more articles by Pepe Escobar, who in my opinion, is the best journalist and geopolitical analyst in the world, and economist Michael Hudson. Meanwhile, you will find articles criticizing the faux-left (the fake left on the political spectrum mostly represented by the Democratic Party). Many non-socialist writers have been confused by the appearance to the faux-left, created and promoted by the current capitalist financial ruling class via the Democratic Party. These opportunists will use anything to obtain their primary object to dominate and control the world. If you read all articles on this website, you will still find articles attacking faux-leftists; but meanwhile you will be wading through the swamp of racist ideas like the ideas argued and promoted on behalf of white supremacy. We must be patient with Unz. To his credit, Unz's most important contribution has been uncovering the many mysteries of the "covid" pandemic and revealing what is underneath--a US biowarfare project to attack China and Iran and the series he wrote about the subject. I think it was developed for the above reasons in addition to the objectives by the transnational ruling capitalist class (the de-facto US/British/Zionist Empire's plan to dominate and control the world) partially to reduce the world's population of ordinary humans and to save themselves as a ruling class dominating the entire world. The covid pandemic also raised the suspicion of a Russian microbiologist Igor Nikulin. Therefore, I urge you to read articles by Unz, Pepe Escobar, Scott Ritter,  etc., and ignore most of the rest of posts by various unproven writers on this website. 9/19/2022: Be sure to watch the video featuring Russell Brand in today's selection of YouTube videos.
  • Wall Street on Parade  Founded by Pam Martens and Russ Martens who find lots of misdeeds regarding Wall Street. They blog almost daily except for weekends and holidays.