We’ve lived so long under the spell of hierarchy—from god-kings to feudal lords to party bosses—that only recently have we awakened to see not only that “regular” citizens have the capacity for self-governance, but that without their engagement our huge global crises cannot be addressed. The changes needed for human society simply to survive, let alone thrive, are so profound that the only way we will move toward them is if we ourselves, regular citizens, feel meaningful ownership of solutions through direct engagement. Our problems are too big, interrelated, and pervasive to yield to directives from on high.
—Frances Moore Lappé, excerpt from Time for Progressives to Grow Up

Friday, August 28, 2020

Posts that I especially recommend today: Friday, Aug. 28, 2020

Today's Note: I have been overwhelmed by so many brilliant posts today, and I can't thank the authors and the websites/weblogs enough! My faith in human beings has been restored! 
  • In the Grip of Treason: A Powerful Call to Action by "New Earth Project" via Truth Comes to Light. (My reaction: I do not know if Sasha Stone's recommendation for action following his specific advice at roughly 20:25m is sound or not, but I applaud his outrage. Now I fully understand why Caitlin Johnstone, an Australian blogger, recently became so depressed. This is another best post.)
I've run out of time and energy, but I recommend the following links that I have reviewed:
*MAJOR: Tikhanovskaya Officially Admits US Promised to Prop up Belarus Opposition - Fort Russ   WATCH: French Professor says there is no second wave – OffGuardian  * Police Told Right-Wing Kenosha Killer “We Appreciate You” Just Before Deadly Shootings   *Millennials can’t afford property so don’t care about protecting it. Why are we surprised they’re setting fires and smashing cars? — RT Op-ed  *Beset by rioters & criminals & ruled by shady oligarchs, here are 6 reasons why my beloved USA is becoming a banana republic — RT Op-ed  *BREAKING: Germany Bans Coronavirus Protest – OffGuardian   *We Gawk at Nonsense Political Theater While the Real Enemies Go Unnoticed - CounterPunch.org  *Normal Has Failed. Be As Weird As You Like. – Caitlin Johnstone   *Facebook FactCheckers Bought and Paid for By Gates Foundation? - Videos - ise.media   *Vladimir Putin – Interview with Rossiya TV channel | The Vineyard of the Saker  

And I haven't got time to review this interview, but check it out, that is, if you have time: 

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Posts that I especially recommend today: Thursday, Aug. 27, 2020

We know by now that nothing of this, masks, “cases / infections”, quarantine, lockdown, vaccination, or any other repressive measure have anything to do with covid. They are means and instruments for the New World Order (NWO) to “train” the population for total obedience and control by the invisible super power, or deep dark state. WHO plays a key role in this nefarious plans, as it still is regarded by most people and governments as an authority, as far as world health is concerned which sadly, it has ceased to be decades ago.
I missed this article when it was published online last week largely because I thought it was about Canadians and their issues. But on another website this morning I was convinced that Ehret was addressing not only a parochial Canadian issue, but an issue that worries the transnational capitalist ruling class that governs the US/Anglo/Zionist Empire. Canada is an integral part of the Empire, and this reports on events after the Empire's leaders adopted the "Great Reset" project. This project is mainly designed to stop the Empire's threat from China and its New Silk Road project (aka Belt and Road Initiative) that many nations have already signed onto, including some European nations. However, there several other problems that the transnational ruling capitalist class is confronting, and the current covid-19 pandemic is the chosen method to deal with all of these concerns. It is evident that I am departing from Ehret's formulation which cites Carny and Freeland as the main actors pushing this "Great Reset". But most all, I firmly reject his main conclusion: 
If the world is truly as closed, finite and entropic as the misanthropic minds of an Oxford-trained technocrat like Mark Carney, Chrystia Freeland or David Attenborough, then this sort of post-COVID world order would admittedly be the way to go. 
Our planet is overburdened by capitalist operations which has resulted in over-population, but it is obvious that our, or any, planet has finite resources and environmental limits which no species can exceed. Thus, we can only conclude that Ehret agrees that the "Great Reset" project and capitalism are the best methods/systems that humans can design.  
It is no secret that the Empire is worried about the challenge that independent nations, such as China, Russia, and Iran are posing for their dominance in our overburdened planet. However, they are worried about several other issues: over- population, the unsustainability of the operations under the existing capitalist system, the financial quagmire that they find themselves in, and excessive burdens posed by "useless eaters" such as old and lame people on their nation's treasuries. I firmly believe that the present covid-19 crisis, whether engineered by Empire agents or not (likely it was), has resulted in the "Great Reset" project which is designed to deal with all the above problems. 
It is obvious that the Empire's transnational capitalist ruling class is not concerned about all the onerous effects that their project will impose on workers, but the members are only concerned with all of their problems, and number one is China. It is my opinion that they are using this covid-19 crisis as cover for all of their problems. Using this crisis as cover permits them to impose all kinds of restrictions on their populations which in normal times would be illegal and unconstitutional.
  • Germany Starts Universal Basic Income Trial Giving Some Citizens $1400 A Month For 3 Years by Arjun Walia from Collective Evolution. (My reaction: I can't believe that this is actually happening. The author admits that this measure is not supported by any political party in Germany. So, how did it pass in their legislature? The USA could not afford such a program due to the fact that they are engaged all over the world with occupations, invasions, and subversions.)

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Posts that I especially recommend today: Wednesday, Aug. 26, 2020

Long time followers of my website know that I have resigned to the position that the climate crisis is now irreversible. But I and all other animals and species will fight to the death to survive. And, that is what I am doing by continuing this website. 
Guy McPherson, a retired scientist who also believes that the crisis is irreversible, continues living with the notion that "only love remains" by which he means living in the present and deepening the connection with other people in our lives. That is the solution that he and others of the upper-middle-class can have that is not available to those of the working class. The latter face homelessness, despair of loss of loved ones and friends, extreme discomfort, and likely death. 
  • Has the post-Covid future already been decided? by Simon Marcus from Spiked (Britain). (My reaction: The answer is "yes" because the Davos crowd is the transnational capitalist ruling class of the US/Anglo/Zionist Empire. They are the "deciders".)
Zuesse in this essay reveals his basic support for our class structured society by affirming his commitment to the way the ruling class that is imposing its draconian policies on entire nations. He does this by describing the opposition to be laissez faire or libertarian and the government policies as "socialistic" or "(legally enforced governmental policies)". Then he goes on to cite statistics that have been challenged by skeptics of ruling class policies. Zuesse has no idea what socialism is because he has been trained ("educated") to believe the social-welfare policies in past capitalist societies (like under FDR's administration) were "socialistic". 
The current "pandemic" is beneficial in the sense that it forces people of varying nominal political views to finally affirm their basic commitment to authoritarianism or genuine democracy. The latter position needs some elucidation in this era of authoritarianism or fascism (its capitalist version).  
Democracy, that is, genuine democracy, means that all people have been given access to positions of authority. Authoritarianism means that only some of the people will be "sufficiently knowledgeable" to determine the policies that will be imposed on others. Democracy means that all people will have equal access to education, health, work, and other institutions to support their well-being. Such equal access is counter to the capitalist system which facilitates the concentration of wealth and, therefore, power. The basis of capitalist societies is private ownership of the economy, and is obviously forbidden in socialist societies. Thus, capitalism inevitably results in class structured societies that are riven with class conflicts. History has demonstrated in capitalist societies ownership, and therefore, control of economic property are in the hands of a ruling class which inevitably results in greater and greater concentration of wealth, therefore power, in fewer and fewer hands. This inevitably leads to fascism, that is, government controlled by a tiny ruling class who impose greater and greater authoritarian methods to impose their control over the rest of societies.
The great mass of people have societal values which help to insure policies of equal access to education and free, independent media to inform people. Contrast this with rule by the self-serving capitalist class, the owners of economic property. Their values are constrained by what is good for their families or extended families. (Recall Margaret Thatcher's comment on this.)  
All ruling classes have historically justified their privileged position by self-serving justifications: they are wiser and more educated, therefore they are entitled to rule over the rest of the populations. It is also frequently observed that they justify all of their policies by claiming to be a "democracy". Censorship and propaganda are frequently used to prevent the rest of the population knowing what they are really doing.  
This is all obvious to genuine socialists; but to many supporters of class rule, it is not obvious. They try hard to disguise their political views. In the case of Zuesse and many others, they pretend to be critical of existing society; but "when push comes to shove" (def.), they support capitalist rule and will engage in all sorts of fake arguments to justify their views. 
(Edited for clarity at 3:35 PM CT)   

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Posts that I especially recommend today: Tuesday, Aug. 25, 2020

(Note: The post introduces the main characters, Ron Paul and Robert Kennedy, Jr. and supplies this nearly 40 minute interview. Kennedy, with his encyclopedic knowledge about the important questions Paul asked, tends to use up all the time in the interview with his detailed knowledge. Paul has to cut him off in order to finish his questions. 
Paul is a classic American libertarian in that his political orientation of  national capitalism, but it is an outmoded (by neoliberalism) ideology that was quite fashionable up until WWII. Since then the neoliberalism of transnational capitalists, that rule the US/Anglo/Zionist Empire, see the whole world "as their oyster" to develop the way they want (to increase their wealth and power) without inference from political party or any nation. American libertarians see the government as a threat to their laissez faire ideology and do not recognize any entity above the government, such as the Deep State. They share this view with many anarchists. The far left was purged from the American political scene shortly after WWII as a part of the drive to establish the Deep State's Empire. This purge of the "old left" was very well described by Bruce Lerro.)

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Posts that I especially recommend today: Sunday, Aug. 23, 2020

  • Dr Lee Merritt: Dismantling the Official Lies of the COVID Crisis from 21st Century Wire. (My reaction: Did you know that the convention going on in Las Vegas was Doctors for Disaster Preparedness? No? You would have thought that this would have been reported by media corporations during this "pandemic". However, I didn't understand why the background on the YouTube video was made up of images of revolutionaries who fought against ruling classes. This looks to me like subliminal brainwashing. The post qualifies as a best post.) 
I watched the film Plandemic 2 last night and was impressed with the professional quality of the film and its clear inferences about the "unnatural" development of this covid-19 pandemic. I still don't know if I will invest in this company that is behind the promotion of Willis's film. As you know if you have been following my website, I don't believe in capitalist means of fighting the now concentrated wealth and power of the capitalist ruling class. But ISE.Media wants to bring opposing sound views to this issue that the ruling class constantly seeks to suppress. (Incidentally, I did not post Plandemic 1, which was devoted to Dr. Judy Mikovits, because I posted four previous interviews that various people did with Mikovits.) This is a best post.