We’ve lived so long under the spell of hierarchy—from god-kings to feudal lords to party bosses—that only recently have we awakened to see not only that “regular” citizens have the capacity for self-governance, but that without their engagement our huge global crises cannot be addressed. The changes needed for human society simply to survive, let alone thrive, are so profound that the only way we will move toward them is if we ourselves, regular citizens, feel meaningful ownership of solutions through direct engagement. Our problems are too big, interrelated, and pervasive to yield to directives from on high.
—Frances Moore Lappé, excerpt from Time for Progressives to Grow Up

Saturday, December 11, 2021

Posts that I especially recommend for Saturday, December 11, 2021

  • 💥Overcoming Elite Child Sex Slavery & Pedophilia: An Interview With Survivor Anneke Lucas (Part 1 of 4) by Arjun Walia from The Pulse. This is a best post. (Note: It looks like you will be able with this post to access all 4 parts without signing up for a membership--but you may want to in order to access other posts and future posts on their new related website Explorer Lounge. In that case, you may want to pay for a membership. Also, for the hearing compromised, you can access Part 2 directly from YouTube which has improved sound and subtitles, also Part 3 (without English subtitles, but you have English transcript) and Part 4 (also without English subtitles. To access English transcripts, you must click on the "..." below the video on the right-hand side. I've also edited this for greater clarification throughout the afternoon.) My reaction: This is an illustration of how wealth, and especially its corollary power, can corrupt humans. They are both present under capitalism.
  • Thursday~Fascists by John Allen from his weblog on Medium. (Note: Unless this is your initial visit, you have to subscribe to a membership of $5/mo.--it's regarding the British court's decision regarding Julian Assange.)
  • 💥The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union -- Lessons for Socialists (Part 1). This visual post offers a discussion (1:08:29) with Carlos Martinez, the author of The End of the Beginning: Lessons of the Soviet Collapse, and Brian Becker, a longtime Marxist--from Breakthrough News. This is a best post. (Note: I have had personal experience with Becker when I lived in San Francisco in the 1980s while attending his speeches.) My brief commentary follows: 
If you are weary of the cable "news" being sandwiched between the "bread" of pharmaceutical ads and receiving news mostly laced with propaganda, this is for you. I know that you have in every institution been indoctrinated to believe in the evils of the Soviet Union and socialism, but listen to this with an open mind. The two discussants go a long way in Part 1 to piercing through the propaganda and indoctrination that has inundated American and Western societies for a century by capitalist ruling classes. I think we can look forward in future parts to understanding the difficulties that the Soviet Union experienced under the constant barrage of capitalist propaganda and indirect attacks on other nations, which were influenced by the example of the Soviet Union (Cuba, Nicaragua, Granada, Vietnam, Angola, etc), during the Cold War. 
I wanted to purchase Carlos Martinez's book from book stores in the US, but apparently it has been banned. I found it for sale via Abebooks, a business based in Victoria, BC, Canada, that supports independent bookstores, but through a bookstore in India! Yes, now they're censoring books in the USA!

Friday, December 10, 2021

Posts that I especially recommend for Friday, December 10, 2021

Given the continued ignorance and lack of understanding of the pandemic & detrimental consequences of mass vaccination by public and global health authorities, the chances that the disaster I’ve previously alluded to can be prevented are slim (3). The scientifically corrupt narrative is likely to be further nurtured by more and more cases of disease that are likely to occur in vaccinees once they will have acquired short-lived Abs directed at Omicron’s spike protein as a result of previous mild infection. The latter can more easily outcompete innate Abs in vaccinees, the training of which was stalled as a result of their immune suppression by vaccinal Abs. Rapid re-exposure to the highly infectious Omicron variant could then make them much more susceptible to disease.
Two Democrats joined all 50 Republicans in Wednesday’s 52 - 48 vote to overturn President Biden’s vaccine mandate for private business with more than 100 employers. According to news reports, even if the measure secures enough votes to pass in the House, Biden will likely veto it. 
My reaction: You must read the article to follow all the legal developments in these mandates.
The British High Court’s decision overturns the January decision by the district judge that found that extraditing Wikileaks founder Julian Assange would be “oppressive”. Rights advocates and Assange’s supporters and family strongly condemned the High Court’s decision.
  • World inequality by Michael Roberts, a Marxist-oriented economist from Britain, from his weblog. 
Indeed, the share of income presently captured by the poorest half of the world’s people is about half what it was in 1820, before the great divergence between western countries and their colonies. In other words, the rise of imperialism as the ‘latest stage’ of capitalism has delivered increased inequality of income globally. The personal income share of the poorest 50% of the world’s adults or around 3bn people is half what it was in 1820! So much for even and combined development after 200 years of capitalism.
  • Thursday~Slavery by John Allen from his weblog on Medium. (Note: You may be required to subscribe to Medium @ $5/mo in order to access this article.)
The group, known as Le Cercle, was described by former Conservative minister Alan Clark in his diaries as “a right-wing think (or rather thought) tank, funded by the CIA, which churns Cold War concepts around”. 
The ruling classes of the capitalist Empire have since 1940 launched a war against any nation that aspires to independence from their control. Partly out of habit and partly out of a framework that this objective has never been abandoned, they do not want to cease trying to establish hegemony over the world. Because they see that this hegemony is increasingly under threat by their two main adversaries (China and Russia), the time is now to threaten these two rivals with war in the futile hope that they will back down. The latter do not want war; but the Empire's ruling classes see that their Empire is in decline, and the best chance lies now in defeating their adversaries. However, I think this is less likely because the Empire doesn't really want war, and see another more likely threat to a nuclear conflagration.
I think the overt fascist leaders in Ukraine are sufficiently unstable enough together with the bellicose posturing of the Empire are perfectly capable of creating an incident that will escalate into a nuclear war. I think that they will be encouraged to engage in a genocidal effort to eliminate the population of Donbass (the eastern provinces of Ukraine) thinking under the mistaken notion that if Russia intervenes, NATO, the army of the Empire, will come to their aid. This option is daily reinforced by hyped propaganda which the Empire representatives communicate daily with their fascist puppets in Ukraine. These fascist leaders see no other way out than this option to sustain their offices and control of Ukraine before their people drive them out.
I don't believe that NATO, under the command of the ruling capitalist classes of the Empire, will go to war over the fake pretext that the buildup of Russian forces near the border constitutes a threat to Ukraine, but they might be dragged into a nuclear conflagration by the leaders of Ukraine if they invade or hassle Russia, or if--"God forbid!"-- Ukraine is allowed to join NATO, one of the red lines drawn by Putin.
As always the American people will be preoccupied with domestic imperatives of surviving and keeping their families intact. Traditionally they have not concerned themselves with the "games being played" by their capitalist masters abroad in foreign lands.

Thursday, December 9, 2021

Posts that I especially recommend for Thursday, December 9, 2021

  • Q&A #4: The Coming Crisis? by Geert Vanden Bossche from Voice For Science and Solidarity. My reaction: Now that Robert Kennedy, Jr. has thoroughly exposed Fauci as committed to his own stocks in Big Pharma; if you need specific advice regarding Covid-19 and its variants, you should follow Bossche's website among others that are qualified and are not compromised by owning stocks in pharmaceutical corporations.
  • Operation Extermination--the Plan to Decimate the Human Immune System with a Lab-Generated Pathogen by Mike Whitney from The Unz Review. My reaction: I don't have the expertise to know whether these experts are right, but it fits with my view that our ruling capitalist classes are perfectly capable of doing the most evil deeds to save themselves. The latter refers to the abrupt climate destabilization that many scientists are concerned about, but are not given sufficient voice by media corporations.
  • What Putin really told Biden by Pepe Escobar from Asia Times (Singapore). (Note: You might be also interested in a post by Finian Cunningham.) My reaction: This take on Putin's statements by Escobar, who I believe is the world's top journalist, is based on previously made statements by Putin, the Russian government, and consistent with reports in Russian media. On the other hand, Biden's statements are based on previously made statements via the ruling class's US government and media. Contrast US reports via major media with China's Global Times report on the conversation.
  • US Hegemony Doesn’t Make The World More Peaceful, It Makes It More Dangerous by Australian Caitlin Johnstone with her American husband, Tim Foley, also reading the script (but you may miss supporting examples, illustrations, etc.)--from her weblog. My reaction: What Johnstone doesn't understand is that the ruling capitalist class has taken over the ruling class since WWII to ensure that the world is dominated by the de-facto US/British/Zionist Empire. This is explained by my essay, and supporting links, written in May of 2020 and more recently supported by a professor of history, Stephen Wertheim, in his book Tomorrow the World, published by Harvard University Press. There are considerable reasons to think that his voice is that of the US ruling capitalist class confessing that an imperialist cabal took over the ruling class beginning in 1940.
  • Science Update: Arctic Snow Transitions to Rain featuring the views and analysis of Prof. (retired) Guy McPherson, an independent scientist (via his YouTube channel (11:31), who has fearlessly focused his attention throughout his career on the climate crisis. 

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Posts that I especially recommend for Wednesday, December 8, 2021

  • Pfizer Safety Data Released, And It’s Not Good (Part 1) by Chris Martenson from Peak Prosperity. (Note: This was reported in a video (47:10). My reaction: The Pfizer report was reluctantly obtained under FOIA (Freedom of Information Act), and Martenson found all kinds of inadequacies in it. When their vaccines were rushed through on an emergency basis, one would think that there would be intense interest in evaluating the risks of unexpected adverse events. Such is not the concern, and it looks to me like the medical establishment in the CDC or NIH didn't want to evaluate adverse events. (Part 2 is for members only.)
Follow the science is the media mantra behind the highly profitable media-driven feardemic. But what happens when the world’s most esteemed medical journal reveals that the experimental vaccine and repression is unsupported by science?

There is a D-Notice ~ CENSORSHIP of a highly orchestrated swindle once described by a Member of the House of Lords as ‘the gift that keeps on giving.’. The Covid-19 swindle is a gravy train that must never be permitted to hit the buffers. The esteemed medical journal The Lancet has fatally crushed the criminal vaccine coercion policy.
For anyone who doubts that the Covid-19 crisis is an intelligence-run operation controlled by spooks working with medical technocrats like Anthony Fauci, billionaires such as Bill Gates, the military, media, Big Pharma, the World Economic Forum, etc., a close reading of this book – with its 2,194 references – will disabuse one of that illusion.

The CIA has long been deeply involved with vaccines, viruses, drugs, weaponizing cancer, biological weapons, and of course massive mind-control operations – deadly propaganda in plain English – for use in controlling U.S. Americans and foreigners alike.  As Kennedy writes in an ironically understated way, “The pervasive CIA involvement in the global vaccine putsch should give us pause.”

My brief commentary follows:
I don't agree with all of Curtin's and Kennedy's views. If you have been a longtime follower of my weblog, you will be completely aware of my opposition to any "god-stuff" which influences events. The scientific method has elevated our consciousness to attain much higher levels of consciousness than superstition about our existence as much as it has improved our standard of living. But the latter has mostly been absorbed by the ruling capitalist classes under their capitalist system--the private ownership and control of the means of production. It didn't have to be this way, but capitalism made this inevitable.

So, I disagree with such statements that both Kennedy and Curtin as Catholics believe: "Like his father and uncle, he [Kennedy] has become an irrepressibly eloquent opponent of the demonic forces intent on destroying the democratic dream." The other name for this system is "bourgeois democracy", or the capitalist system that has carefully hidden the dictatorship of wealth, and its corollary, power beneath tons of propagandistic verbiage. Capitalism has enabled the possession of wealth by families as power over other classes in its class-structured societies as surely as monarchy and aristocracy have hidden their wealth behind the (transformed and acceptable) Christian religion, inherited nobility, and primogeniture
Thus, under capitalism, democracy is always fake, a system whose component of indoctrination and propaganda must always overlay and justify it. The natural tendency of capitalism is toward fascism, or the arbitrary rule of major capitalists (billionaires) to control everything for their benefit.

Kennedy is at dire risk by exposing Fauci and the CIA. Discussion of this book will be suppressed in major media as we've already seen happening. But the sales of Kennedy's book have been skyrocketing, and it's on the NY Times best-seller list. Amazon has run out of his book several times which has caused delays in filling orders. Kennedy will be of much consideration for the ultimate kind of censorship--assassination. If they see that their efforts to suppress any mention of this book fails, such a discussion will be seriously undertaken by our masters in the ruling capitalist class.
Xinjiang is a prime target not because of the Uyghurs, but because it is the strategic connector between western China and Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) corridors across Central Asia, South Asia and West Asia all the way to Europe. BRI – which is the centerpiece Chinese foreign policy concept for the foreseeable future – is an absolute anathema in Washington.

The fact that the US has been staging countless, costly, devastating declinations of humanitarian imperialism in Muslim lands, directly and indirectly, in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen and beyond, but now, suddenly, is in tears about the fate of Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang, speaks for itself.
My reaction: The de-facto US/British/Zionist Empire's transnational capitalist ruling class in order to rule the world must lie to people in foreign lands as they do to their own citizens. 
Debt is the most prevalent source of slavery. In contemporary Sri Lanka, unpayable debt accrued through microfinance loans has been driving exploitation, dispossession, and conditions resembling debt peonage. A chain of high-risk loans disbursed at usurious rates to women with no regular income has wiped their savings and assets. 
Seun Kuti talks to Vijay Prashad [the first to appear in the video] about the EndSARS movement in Nigeria, the need for broadening the movement and building popular resistance in the country, Seun’s father Fela Kuti and his party the Movement of the People (MOP), and more. [my insertion]

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Posts that I especially recommend for Tuesday, December 7, 2021

  • Fauci Calls Himself High Priest of Science featuring comedy in the form of parody by Jimmy Dore from his channel on YouTube (03:38). My reaction: I guess it's better to laugh than to cry over the ruling class's claim that it is only following "science".  
  • Biden Supports Vaccine IP Waiver, Admin Does Something Else featuring Naomi Karavani using Redacted Tonight's channel on YouTube (03:37). (This video illustrates how Biden will casually lie to the American public.) My reaction: Big Pharma über alles. Big Pharma is the Biden administration, and both are controlled by the ruling capitalist class. Any government official is expected to lie when it's in the interest of this ruling class.
  • Ghislaine Maxwell's "Unique" Defense featuring Naomi Karavani who cynically reports on the legal defense as portrayed by Bloomberg News and a segment on Michael Bloomberg who "owns" Bloomberg News--from Redacted Tonight's channel on YouTube (02:37). 
Clearview AI is facing a $23 million fine over facial recognition in the UK. A move that comes after multiple reports accuse the company of widespread---and sometimes unsanctioned use of facial recognition software around the world. This, as Clearview has gotten the green light on a federal patent for its facial recognition technology. A move, sparking major controversy. RT America’s Trinity Chavez has details. Then, investigative journalist and co-host of Boom Bust Ben Swann joins In Question to discuss.
But it is unlikely that Washington will agree to any action that would reduce tension, because confrontation is the name of its game. The western military alliance is convinced — or says it is convinced — that Russia is going to invade Ukraine, and takes no account of reality, because it would, to put it bluntly, be economic suicide for Russia to do anything of the sort.

Make no mistake : if Russia wanted to invade Ukraine it could do so in a heartbeat and, as determined by several analyses conducted in western military academies, but never made public ....

Less than a month after US President Joe Biden held his first formal summit with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping, the US has announced a provocative diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympics, due to open in Beijing in February. [my emphasis]
  • History of World War II: How “General Winter” Did Not Save the Soviet Union in 1941 by historian Dr. Jacques Pauwels from Global Research. My reaction: There has been so much re-writing of history about WWII that you won't understand events since WWII if you don't read the history of that event by Pauwels. I have read widely about WWII from original sources, and I've found recently that Pauwels is the best historian covering that hugely important event.
Let’s make no mistake about this: Congress’s choice to keep investing in a massive, ineffective and absurdly expensive war machine has nothing to do with “national security” as most people understand it, or “defense” as the dictionary defines it.

U.S. society does face critical threats to our security, including the climate crisis, systemic racism, erosion of voting rights, gun violence, grave inequalities and the corporate hijacking of political power. But one problem we fortunately do not have is the threat of attack or invasion by a rampant global aggressor or, in fact, by any other country at all.
However, you won't understand this current problem unless you read real history from the 1930s onward. I have summarized this for you in this post. But, if you don't believe me--and you shouldn't--read history has written by Dr. Jacques Pauwels and the recently published Tomorrow, the World by Stephen Wertheim which confirms the rise of a fascist cabal in the US, although rather favorably.
  • Monday~Kick the Can by John Allen from his weblog on Medium. (Note: If you have had free access before, a $5/mo subscription is due to access Allen's weblog.)

Monday, December 6, 2021

Posts that I especially recommend for Monday, December 6, 2021

  • American Pravda: Vaxxing, Anthony Fauci, and AIDS by Ron Unz from his website The Unz Review. My reaction: Although I've posted interviews of Robert Kennedy's book, this is the first review of Kennedy's book that I've encountered, but there will be several more. This review by an old-fashioned capitalist, who presents himself as a true believer of many of the suspected deceptions of the capitalist ruling class, is now beginning to question what corporate media are saying about the covid pandemic. This is a good omen that this book will awaken the American people to the vast lies they have told throughout their lives.
One of the recent roles of the Parliamentary Healthcare Committee has been to reassure the British public that any claims regarding the ‘Americanization’ of the National Health Service (NHS) were wildly overstated, “creating a climate that risks blocking the joining up of services in the interests of patients.”

In fact, the penetration of the healthcare system by the giant U.S. insurer UnitedHealth reveals the opposite to be true, with the full extent of its influence capable of surprising even seasoned NHS watchers.

This post should ideally be read in conjunction with earlier posts that explain that excessive wealth is extracted by controlling an industry, receiving many types of unearned income (known as rent-seeking) and all manner of unethical, fraudulent or criminal activity. Excessive wealth is a symptom of an economic system that drains wealth from everybody else, because the biggest companies have enough power to exploit employees, suppliers, customers, governments and the environment. These people have not ‘earned’ their wealth. They became rich because they understand how the system is rigged.
  • 💥The “Great Reset” and the UN Resolution Prohibiting the “Glorification of Nazism” by Carla Stea from Internationalist 360°. This is a best post.
The now neo-fascist vaccine mandate forced upon citizens of the US and other nations, including the UN itself, the violation of the Nuremberg Code and numerous UN Resolutions protecting human rights, especially the right to bodily autonomy, indicate an ominous global trend toward totalitarianism which must be opposed by all necessary means.  Otherwise, Hitler’s diabolic agenda will become a global reality.

“The Great Reset” (with its “transhumans”) is an expanded, updated disguised version, of “Mein Kampf,” eugenics masquerading as “public health.”  A new cult has arisen with a tragically gullible mass of deceived people following the cult leader, who arrogantly and falsely claims to “represent science.” 
  • In That Final Moment [a poem] by Australian Caitlin Johnstone with her American husband, Tim Foley, also reading this poem (which I recommend)--from her weblog. 
The emergence of a multipolar world is anathema to Washington’s dictate for unipolar hegemony (or what it cynically calls “rules-based order”). The ascendant reality of China as an alternative economic power and the shift in the global economy towards Eurasian integration is unbearable for the U.S. zero-sum view of its imperial demands.

In polarizing international relations, Washington can exert control over “allies and partners” (in reality, vassals and lackeys) by dictating the economic policy of nations – the euphemistically named “Washington Consensus” – that is designed so as to always benefit U.S. capital. Even supposedly stronger Western states like those of the European Union are effectively under Washington’s economic tutelage.

  • Sunday~Civil Rights-? by John Allen from his weblog on Medium. (Note: From direct communication with Allen, I've learned that he is plagued by significant medical problems and he is unable to pay the rent this month.)
  • Two Fake Stories about the DPRK in November 2021 by Konstantin Asmolov from New Eastern Outlook. My reaction: Another report of how propaganda is used to deceive the people of the world for the benefit of the transnational capitalist ruling class and their US/British/Zionist Empire. DPRK, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, has a different economic system that won't allow capitalism, the private ownership of the economy that only benefits the owners, to interfere with their lives in the northern part of Korea. For the directors of the Empire, this is a fundamental crime.
In general, we would like to remind you once again that Radio Free Asia is a foreign agent. It was created as a propaganda radio to fight against communism and remains such, which is why fake news makes up a significant percentage of its content.