We’ve lived so long under the spell of hierarchy—from god-kings to feudal lords to party bosses—that only recently have we awakened to see not only that “regular” citizens have the capacity for self-governance, but that without their engagement our huge global crises cannot be addressed. The changes needed for human society simply to survive, let alone thrive, are so profound that the only way we will move toward them is if we ourselves, regular citizens, feel meaningful ownership of solutions through direct engagement. Our problems are too big, interrelated, and pervasive to yield to directives from on high.
—Frances Moore Lappé, excerpt from Time for Progressives to Grow Up

Friday, March 26, 2021

Posts that I especially recommend for Friday, March 26, 2021

  • Speaking Naturally with Dr Geert Vanden Bossche featuring Rob Verkerk PhD interviewing ex-pharma, ex-GAVI, ex-Gates vaccinologist Dr Geert Vanden Bossche in a 1:27:39 video from Alliance for Natural Health International. (Note: This article has been re-posted by Children's Health Defense). My reaction: Because I have not had the training necessary to evaluate Bossche's argument and my reduced hearing of what he argues (particularly with heavily accented English, but due primarily to advanced age), I cannot say that his position is correct or not. But I insist that all highly-trained specialists be heard in the efforts to prevent Covid-19 infections, and I condemn all efforts to silence these experts which have been occurring in profit-dedicated capitalist societies.

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Posts that I especially recommend for Thursday, March 25, 2021

  • 💥Why COVID Policies Are A War Against Humanity by Neenah Payne from Activist Post. This is a best post. (I only scanned this, but it provides so much good material and so many important links to documentation. I will read it carefully later.) My brief and later (at 6:36 PM CDT) commentary follows: 
Although I have some objections and qualifications regarding this post, I generally approve of the importance of this post. Regarding my objections and qualifications, I object to the sanctification of our "Founding Fathers" in the (38:49m) interview with Vera Sharav. The only member of the Founding Fathers who objected to some of actions of the rest of the ruling class at that time was Jefferson. But he also had slaves which were needed to furnish labor on his plantation. 
I also object to her propaganda-like allegations that (at 21:49m) the "same thing happened in Soviet regime and the Chinese regime". She has obviously been fed this information as indoctrination to hate the Soviet Union and Communist China. But what she directly experienced in Nazi Germany and the USA is undoubtedly true.
I don't know if this event is the global trade disrupting event that the author makes of it (with documentation), but it fits within his theory about the coming food crisis, fulfilling the Great Reset agenda, and that we should all plan to localize our food supply. It is the latter that I differ from him. 
I see a growing movement of contemporary activists that want to localize our lifestyles to cope with the transnational effort (neoliberalism) to globalize all trade and to supply our daily requirements by major corporations. This development (see also this and this) promises physical and other separations from the neoliberal agenda of advanced capitalist nations as a solution to all of our social problems. This is dead wrong.
Not only does it take away from efforts to topple capitalist regimes and replace them with real socialist systems, but it also supplies a wrong solution to most of the major problems confronting us: a world facing a global nuclear war, extreme economic inequality, and the presence of tiny self-serving ruling classes and dictatorial regimes.
  • New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato from The Corbett Report.

    After 10 Years of Civil War in Syria, US (Quietly) Declares Defeat but Won’t Go Home by Alan Macleod from Mint Press News. My reaction: US forces continue to occupy 1/3 of Syrian territory and bleed the Syrian economy of their precious oil resources. Maybe the ruling class has settled for a nation that is weak and unstable. It looks to me like the ruling class has turned much of its aggressiveness and rage from foreign affairs toward potential activist groups within the USA by promoting policies of surveillance and increasing onerous laws against their civil rights. 

  • Washington's Obsession with China Expands by Brian Berletic, an ex-Marine living with his family in Thailand, from his weblog Land Destroyer Report. (Note: Berletic reveals that the actions by the US government indicate that the primary concern of its foreign policy toward China is motivated by a concern to advance the profits US corporations and other transnational corporations under the control of the US/Anglo/Zionist Empire.) My reaction: This applies to all policies promoted by the Empire. It is the expression of neofascism (essentially governments corrupted by the promotion of power and profits by the Empire's ruling capitalist classes) which saw the replacement of the fascist nations led by Nazi Germany in the last century with the new US/Anglo/Zionist Empire since then.
In the ensuing days of meetings, it should not come as a surprise that very little in the way of serious conflict resolution occurred. In fact, the only solid points of agreement which the U.S. side would permit involved two joint protocols that fall perfectly into alignment with the Malthusian closed system objectives of the Great Reset agenda attempting to reign in a post-nation state world order in the wake of the oncoming economic meltdown.
Eric Zuesse agrees with Ehret in his latest article.
Haiti is heading for days of great misfortune. Haitians, for the most part, are increasingly convinced that the United Nations considers them as enemies to be eliminated. We are no longer in the conspiratorial scenarios in which Haitians were seen as prime targets by resentful Western leaders, thirsting for revenge for the 1803 defeat of the French generals at Saint-Domingue. For those readers who think it is inconceivable to claim that the United Nations intends to establish a regime of terror in Haiti, let them think again by looking at what has happened or is still happening in countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Iraq, Libya, Syria and, above all, in Egypt, where the arrival of the Muslim Brotherhood to power democratically led to a military coup and a very bloody repression (1).

The United Nations is trying to establish a regime of terror in Haiti. To prove it, ....

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Posts that I especially recommend for Wednesday, March 24, 2021

It doesn’t take long to realize that we aren’t having a debate about the science of vaccines. We aren’t debating the authority of the evidence. We are debating the authority of the person. The most ingenious thing the pharmaceutical industry ever did was purchase the majority of the advertising for every network and cable news program. With that grand gesture, the media became little more than a pharmaceutical industry spokesperson, functioning as its mouthpiece of propaganda. The media doesn’t report “science.”
Also, read about the legal victory in Connecticut achieved by the efforts of the Freedom Alliance.
  • Canadian Economist Dispels 4 Myths About Socialism by Steve Lalla from Internationalist 360°. My reaction: Although Canadian political economist Radhika Desai said in a recent interview: "While Desai acknowledged that there were problems that led to famines in Russia and China, she added that the severity and mismanagement of the crises were perhaps exaggerated.", she didn't mention the vigorous subversive and military attacks by the leading capitalist nations on any nation that even considers a move to public ownership of their economy or in any way demonstrates independent policies from the predations of capitalist corporations. Also, she omitted the constant anti-socialist propaganda that people in capitalist countries are subject to.
  • Interview with Vandana Shiva: Bill Gates and the philantro-imperialism. Posted by Pangea, an Italian channel of YouTube in a 26:37m video. (Note: Shiva explains how billionaires and the largest foundations, established by major corporations, have taken control of the world (or the nations of the Empire and much of the United Nations) through their purchase of patents (intellectual property), and the disastrous effects on ordinary people throughout the planet.)
  • “The Lion and the Eagle”: The Interaction of the British and American Empires (1783-1972): A review of Kathleen Burk's book by Jim Miles from Global Research. My reaction: I like to post real history articles because my fellow Americans have been largely fed fake histories in their schooling. Miles corrects some of the mistakes Burk makes to build a sound history of the collaboration of both the British and the American Empires to coalesce in the US/Anglo/Zionist Empire that threatens much of the world today. 

Posts that I especially recommend for Tuesday, March 23, 2021

(Sorry for the late posting for Tuesday--I have been preoccupied by personal matters--I thought I had already uploaded it.)
  • A History of Warring on the Homefront by Mickey Huff from Dissident Voice (originally from Project Censored). (Note: I am posting this article/video from Dissident Voice because the latter have conveniently included the film of which this review on the film is based. Also, this is essential reading/viewing for all those fellow Americans who missed the actual history of American working people and were brainwashed by their history classes in the USA.)
  • OPCW Whistle Blowers Debunk Cover-Up & U.S. Propaganda featuring Jimmy Dore interviewing Aaron Maté of The Grayzone what has learned about the disinformation and censorship involved in the ruling class's reporting  of "chemical attacks" in Syria directed by the Assad government from Dore's Rokfin channel (26:22m).  
  • Thoughts On The Iraq Invasion by Caitlin Johnstone, an Australian independent blogger, from her weblog. My reaction: She knows far more than Alfred McCoy, a prominent American historian, does about the mindset of the current American ruling class. Now that the core of the ruling class, combining the resources and wealth of the USA, the British Empire, and international Zionist Jewry, is back under Joe Biden, they intend to resurrect their longstanding project to rule the world (commentary).
  • Dispatches from the Congo: The Truth Behind US Claims of ISIS Presence posted on Internationalist 360° featuring Kambale Musavuli from the Centre of Research on the Congo explaining, in a 21:09m video, how US-backed forces are engaging in massacres on behalf of corrupt political leaders while also covering this in media reports as "fighting terrorism" and protecting "human rights" of local populations. My reaction: Surprise, surprise! (a cynical remark).

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Posts that I especially recommend for Sunday, March 21, 2021

  • Why Do They Keep Doing It? by Patrick Armstrong from Strategic Culture Foundation (based in Russia but they post international writers). My reaction: It's what the ruling class in the USA has been devoted to since the US entered WWII--building a capitalist empire (commentary). This goal was to maximize their wealth and to enhance their power. It has become an obsession without which life has no meaning for them.
This post is dripping with cynicism by Engdahl who has business expertise combined with knowledge of geopolitics, however is someone lacking in knowledge upon the impending climate crisis that scientists have studied and have warned us about. This criticism also applies to a number of experts such as Guy McPherson, who has expertise in physical sciences and has specialized in global warming, but who sometimes wanders into other areas like psychology, anthropology, philosophy, etc. People have an expertise in a certain area and must stick to that area, and not assume an all-knowing wisdom. 
Christian Westbrook (Ice Age Farmer) is a farmer who has dabbled a bit in sunspots and concludes that the whole ecology movement is suspect, that there is no climate crisis, etc. Engdahl clearly is a climate-warming denier even though he lacks scientific knowledge that McPherson has and the many independent scientists who have been warning us that the destabilization of our climate is driving us to extinction. 
Engdahl, Westbrook, and activists have been duped so many times by ruling class experts that it is understandable why they question everything and distrust everything that authorities tell them, but they even distrust what more independent experts say. These examples, and many others, are why I don't have faith that Western activists can achieve a recognition of who their real opponents are, and replace capitalism with a socialist system within the time remaining before humans become extinct.
However, this post is valuable in that Engdahl has information about how members of the US/Anglo/Zionist ruling class are conspiring to save capitalism, a system that has given capitalists so much wealth and power. Top members of the ruling class have clearly listened to the independent physical scientists and their research about the growing climate crisis. Thus, they have come up with a plan (too late) called the Great Reset in a desperate attempt to save themselves from this crisis. But it is far too late, and anyway capitalism and a sustainable climate are a contradiction that they refuse to recognize because of their obsession with wealth and power that the system supplies them with such abundance.
  • The TRUTH About War Crimes featuring Lee Camp, via his YouTube channel in an 11:20m post, using sarcastic humor to attack our mainstream news so conveniently furnished by media corporations to brainwash Americans. My reaction: He uses reports from alternative media, which few people watch, as a means to attack ubiquitous reports by media corporations like CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, NPR, PBS, and their local affiliates. However, most Americans watch and take seriously the latter reports as witnessed during this pandemic by complying with lockdown orders, wearing masks, social distancing, taking their vaccines, etc. without questions or doubts. 
Introduction – If America Dissolves… https://thesaker.is/if-america-dissolves/
Bernays and Propaganda – Part 1 of 5 — https://thesaker.is/bernays-and-propaganda/
Bernays and Propaganda – Part 2 of 5 — The Marketing of War — https://thesaker.is/bernays-and-propaganda-the-marketing-of-war/
Bernays and Propaganda – Part 3 of 5 –– Democracy Control – http://thesaker.is/bernays-and-propaganda-democracy-control/
Bernays and Propaganda – Part 4 of 5 –The Transition to Education and Commerce – http://thesaker.is/bernays-and-propaganda-the-transition-to-education-and-commerce-part-4/
Bernays and Propaganda – Part 5 of 5 — Propaganda Continues Unabated — http://thesaker.is/bernays-and-propaganda-propaganda-continues-unabated-part-5/
Epilogue – Captain America –The Man with Two Brains 

My reaction: I'm not sure about his argument about Americans having two disconnected mind-sets, but I can agree with his last paragraph:
This is what Lippman and Bernays (and their European masters) did to the American people – reprogrammed an entire nation in equally as brutal a fashion as did the US with the Philippines, and the UK with Hong Kong, in this case creating an entire society of deluded, hysterical, and profoundly sick killer-consumers with a totally fictional history. It is probably fair to say that these men had good and fertile material to work with, a composition of the worst features of Christianity, native ignorance, and insatiable greed, but still we need to give credit where credit is due. Americans have always been racist and violent, but it was Lippman and Bernays who turned them into serial killers celebrating their Afghan “bug splats” (1) in the national media. And it was in this fertile and evil soil that American Presidents, Secretaries of State and Defense Secretaries so lushly sprouted into the longest string of sociopathic genocidal killers in history. Democracy never had a chance. 
Oh, I forgot that most Americans don't know their true history as influenced by Bernays and Lippman. Romanoff goes into detail about this history in parts 4 and 5--links to those articles I have provided above.
  • America's Secret Government features Chris Hodges, in a 27:09m of his YouTube channel, interviewing David Talbot, author of The Devil's Chessboard, about the growth of the "secret government" initially under the Dulles brothers (Alan and John Foster Dulles). My commentary follows:
This is a true history of the USA's establishment of a fascist-like cabal of ruling class figures who have attained overwhelming power and established the US/Anglo/Zionist Empire replacing the fascist empire of Nazi Germany. Talbot only gives us a smattering of details of the history of this Deep State (Talbot uses this term at about 21:54m) which has now rewritten history, infiltrated all media corporations, and spread their agents throughout all US institutions and abroad in Europe. 
This very cleverly hidden Deep State has for many years total control over all institutions and government of the USA and most of their Empire of which contemporary activists have only a rudimentary understanding. I have grown up with this development since the end of WWII and became aware of this development following the assassination of the Kennedy brothers and the constant lies fed by our media corporations during the Vietnam War. I have posted many articles warning of this development, the most important and most recent of which is my commentary for this post.
To attain an understanding of this insidious growth of fascism in the USA and the brainwashing you received from every institution, most important of which are schools you attended, you need to read many of the books that I recommended on the right-hand side of this weblog.