We’ve lived so long under the spell of hierarchy—from god-kings to feudal lords to party bosses—that only recently have we awakened to see not only that “regular” citizens have the capacity for self-governance, but that without their engagement our huge global crises cannot be addressed. The changes needed for human society simply to survive, let alone thrive, are so profound that the only way we will move toward them is if we ourselves, regular citizens, feel meaningful ownership of solutions through direct engagement. Our problems are too big, interrelated, and pervasive to yield to directives from on high.
—Frances Moore Lappé, excerpt from Time for Progressives to Grow Up

Friday, December 24, 2021

Posts that I especially recommend for Friday, December 24, 2021

  • 💥FDA Corruption Way Worse Than You Think featuring Jimmy Dore sarcastically discussing, with comic Kurt Metzger, recent appointment to head the FDA on Dore's channel on YouTube (28:00)--a best post. My commentary follows: 
This is a common practice in all industries and those government agencies that try to regulate corporations. It is another indication that banks and corporations have control of our government to serve their interests and not to serve the interests of the public. Their interest is control and the eventual control/domination over all of the world as I explained here.
The public, like Dore, is only now becoming aware of this longtime practice. It is an obsession by the public to trust the news reporting of corporate media and trusting government institutions to look after the best interests of the public that is the major problem
We must get rid of capitalist, self-serving control of the USA and the world dominance of their US/British/Zionist Empire that currently threatens the whole human species with a catastrophic nuclear war. This process applies to all social institutions. If you go along with this rewarding process as most educated people do, you will be assured a lucrative career, supportive family, a fancy home, etc. (Educated people can make it possible for the capitalist ruling class to enjoy profits.) This is the secret of their success, but it will lead to the extinction of humans and most other species.
In addition to their unconcern about other people, there is a concern about the growing signs of the destabilization of the climate. Therefore, de-population is on their agenda. 
  • VIP | Assange: Journalism on Trial features Naomi Karavani interviewing Mohamed Elmaazi, a UK-based freelance journalist, about the details of the prosecution and especially the persecution by the Empire of journalist Julian Assange--from Redacted Tonight's channel on YouTube (28:02). My reaction: This is an excellent summary of the persecution of Assange. Unlike other career journalists, Assange exposed serious crimes by the Empire.

Thursday, December 23, 2021

Posts that I especially recommend for Thursday, December 23, 2021

  • An email I received from John Allen: (with permission, I am quoting from his email.)

    Hi, Ron. Well it's happened. I have been terminated on Medium after over four years. It's forbidden to talk about the corruption of Big Pharma; at least on Medium. I've talked about all sorts of corruption and was suspended on Facebook for a while a few years ago. But this is a new low. I had already wanted to talk about blatant fascism tomorrow. Well this certainly is it. Is RFK Jr. going to get in big trouble about his wildly popular book? I fear for his safety. The book is hard to read as I get incensed after a few pages of reading and have to go to something else to settle down.

    People are dying because of this. Trump may have taken the blame but it goes way deeper than just a few administrations. Something I have a hard time explaining to folks that put names--like Presidents--to the system as a whole.
  • Science Should Never Shut Down Debate by Eileen Natuzzi from Brownstone Institute. My reaction: This is obvious, or should be. But the ruling capitalist class is deliberately trying to shut down debate with censorship of opposing views.
There is no moral, legal or logical argument for mandatory vaccination. The only logical argument, from a public health perspective, would be either to reduce the spread of infection or reduce the impact on health services via some other mechanism. We will explore the evidence which shows that the COVID-19 supposed “vaccines” are incapable of achieving either. 
  • 💥Fauci’s Wuhan Research Worse than Thought – New Documents Reveal featuring Jimmy Dore reading from Newsweek (of all places) an article, with sarcastic comments interjected comedian Kurt Metzger, implicating Fauci and NIH (National Institute of Health) in coverup lies--from Dore's channel on YouTube (27:55). My reaction: I wonder why Dore isn't censored off YouTube! It must be because he is described as a comedian by YouTube so that you won't take him seriously.
Why is any taxpayer-backstopped bank in the United States allowed to own anything near a trillion dollars in stock derivatives, let alone a bank like JPMorgan Chase that has admitted to an unprecedented five criminal felony counts brought by the Justice Department in the past seven years, with three of those felony counts for rigging markets.
  • Similarities of 9/11 and the Pandemic featuring Bonnie Faulker interviewing Kevin Ryan regarding the subject in an audio interview (nearly an hour)--from her weblog Guns + Butter. (Note: Here I'm breaking my rule for posting articles and interviews within one month.) My reaction: The ruling capitalist class manipulates Americans with false-flag events such as 9/11 and the current covid pandemic to instill fear in them. I've noticed over my lifetime our ruling class tries, and largely succeeds, to instill fear in Americans and manipulates them by spreading fear: the War on Drugs, the War on Terrorism, the longtime obsessive concern (since WWII) for Russians being the source of all evil, the current wave of obsessive concern about Covid-19 and its variants, and the current warmongering against China all driven by reports in major media corporations.
Coming straight from President Putin, it did sound like a bolt from the sky:

“We need long-term legally binding guarantees even if we know they cannot be trusted, as the U.S. frequently withdraws from treaties that become uninteresting to them. But it’s something, not just verbal assurances.”

And that’s how Russia-U.S. relations come to the definitive crunch – after an interminable series of polite red alerts coming from Moscow. 
  • A Bit Of Economic News. By Andrei Martyanov from his weblog Reminiscence of the Future.... (Note: I will be posting articles by Martyanov on the strength of Pepe Escobar's recommendation. I believe that Escobar is among the world's top journalists, but I also believe that his recommendation is based on the interest that Martyanov has on educating Americans in the recent advances of Russia. In researching Martyanov to learn about his background, I had great difficulty. The best source I found is nearly an hour post in late October (2021) by Bonnie Faulkner interviewing Martyanov. I have high regard for Faulkner. (I normally post articles only within a month of their occurrence.) I was contributing to the support of her weblog in recent years, but I grew impatient with the lack of posts by her, and I terminated this support. Martyanov is currently a resident of the USA, but he was raised in the Caucasus in an area under the control of the Soviet Union, had a career in the Russian navy, but immigrated to the USA in the 1990s.)
  • Nord Stream 2 is a double-edged geopolitical tool by M. K. Bhadrakumar from Indian Punchline (based in India). (Note: It is important to look at the existing pipelines from Russia to Europe on the map furnished in the article to understand the text.)
  • Science Update: Climate Havoc in the Arctic featuring the views and analysis of Prof. (retired) Guy McPherson, an independent scientist (via his YouTube channel--08:53), who has fearlessly focused his attention throughout much of his career on the climate crisis.

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Posts that I especially recommend for Wednesday, December 22, 2021

  • Omicron Symptoms Appear Shockingly Mild featuring Jimmy Dore and guest Max Blumenthal citing in detail administration's fear campaign contrasted with actual data at Dore's channel on YouTube (35:08).
  • Dumbest Pro-Vax Argument EVER! featuring Jimmy Dore and guest Max Blumenthal arguing that we should not blame ordinary folks for the mishandling of the Biden administration at Dore's channel on YouTube (28:37). 
I think Berletic is on to something. While the de-facto US/British/Zionist Empire is doing everything it can to thwart the rise of China and its influence, the directors of the Empire are also formulating methods to control the people of their Empire through the Great Reset. The directors are billionaires who are facing abrupt climate destabilization (the Great Reset is only one part of the strategy to deal with the latter real problem plus reaping rewards of profit) and the challenging rise of China, Russian, and Iran. But while they remain focused on the domination/control of the world, they are undermining all efforts for human survival. Take a look at several posts today.

First, and foremost, my attention was directed toward this post entitled "China forms new state-owned rare-earth giant through merger" from the Global Times, a major publication from China. This inspired me to look into the environmental hazards of rare earth mining, and I found many articles dealing with this subject, but a recent one was from Harvard entitled "Not So 'Green' Technology" which looks at all the problems with rare earth mining. This is never discussed in major media, but instead the latter consistently boasts about electric vehicles (that require rare earth minerals) as one solution to the climate crisis. 
Meanwhile, the ruling transnational capitalist class is doing everything it can to undermine China's economy and destabilize Russia, instead of collaborating with them to solve the dilemma posed by the environmental effects of rare earth mining. The ongoing efforts to curb Iran are a daily reminder. While these countries of the newly-formed Resistance in addition to China and Russia are trying to raise the living standards of their people, the Empire is going about sabotaging their efforts in order to carry out their Empire's mission to dominate the world. This is fully evident from other sources such as seen in this Berletic post, and from the ongoing reports of the Empire's major media corporations citing efforts of NATO to taunt the Russians and to exploit the fears of Europeans about a Russian invasion and the continuing efforts to antagonize China over the Taiwan issue. The contrast is dramatic, to say the least.

If the directors of the Empire were also interested in raising the living standards of the people of the world, they would join efforts with China and Russia to solve the environmental, population, and economic problems of the world. But, instead, they are focused on maintaining their control/dominance over the world. This was their objective from the beginning in 1940. The Great Reset is only one component of their strategy.

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Posts that I especially recommend for Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Just last week newly released emails showed Dr. Anthony Fauci and his boss at the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) wanted to conduct a “quick and devastating” take-down of renowned scientists and infectious disease experts who proposed a lockdown-free COVID control strategy. Ridicule was one of the strategies, using health regulatory agencies and mainstream media which are at the disposal of these powerful people.

The British Medical Journal recently criticized Facebook “fact-checkers” for their “incompetent” work and censoring of legit information pertaining to COVID vaccine clinical trials.

Renowned viral immunologists, epidemiologists, editors of prestigious medical journals and more have, during this pandemic, been labelled as “anti vaccine conspiracy theorists.”

In this piece Klein refers to the Kennedy crowd as "Washington Royalty", but he goes on to the critical subject:
While Ottawa waits for instructions, the question now burning through the American establishment must be: “How do we marginalize a Kennedy?”

Depending how long they survive, other dissenters undergo a transition of being ignored, ridiculed, slandered, censored, demonized, harassed, fired and criminalized. Or worse—although that might not happen in this case to avoid the martyrdom bestowed on his father and uncle. 
Klein immediately follows this rather oblique reference to the assassinations of the Kennedys with a reference to the number (17) of African leaders recently assassinated while in office. Obviously, the Deep State has no moral qualms about assassinating this Kennedy, but they only worry about how this will affect us. Klein ends his analysis with a critical remark about Robert Kennedy Jr. not being concerned about the cultural distractions that the Deep State has developed to further divide and distract Americans south of their border--the "woke" and Critical Race Theory culture.
I think that this post serves to dodge the more important question: if the Deep State, consisting mostly of financiers, billionaire tycoons, and their self-serving supporters, don't figure out how to silence or marginalize Kennedy and the challenges posed by dissenters, what will happen? This is the crucial question. Kennedy with his book has thrown down the challenge to their rule. The fake cultures that Klein mentions at the end are largely a smokescreen behind which the capitalist Deep State works their magic. 
I believe the Deep State is desperate enough to arrange an accident which appears to kill this Kennedy. Then what will the Kennedy crowd and the dissenters do? Are we prepared to challenge the Deep State which has steadily pursued world hegemony since WWII?  Or once again, be cowed by our worship of government authorities who serve the ruling capitalist class? There are so many threats to the continuation of humans like the growing awareness of abrupt climate destabilization and the dangerous, desperate launching of aggression toward China, Russia, and Iran. Most Americans are fast asleep to these dangers. These are dangerous times we Americans and the people of the world are living in! 
Ralph Smart is a Psychologist. Author. Counselor. Life Coach. Relationship Guide. Alchemist. & Infinite Being. He is best known on youtube as "Infinite Waters" where he uploads new videos everyday. Here is his highly inspiring channel.
  • Here I Talk A Little Bit About Timing. Or, as expressed in Andre Raevsky's (The Saker's) weblog, "The Timing of Russia’s Ultimatum to NATO". By Andrei Martyanov (highly recommended by Pepe Escobar) from his weblog Reminiscence of the Future.... My reaction: I, of course, used the "CC" button to read the machine-generated subscript. This is what I understood him to say. In this visual/audio weblog, Martyanov declares that Russia is powerful enough (militarily, economically, etc.) to ignore Europe, and has aligned itself with all kinds of relations with Asia. He goes on to say that the de-facto US/British/Zionist Empire is propagandizing its own people, which is no concern of theirs so long as they respect Russia's might. And that is why Russia has recently declared the ultimatums.

Monday, December 20, 2021

Posts that I especially recommend for Monday, December 20, 2021

Newly released emails show NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci and his boss, soon to retire Dr. Francis Collins, director at the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) wanted to conduct a “quick and devastating” ridicule and take-down campaign of scientists who did not support lockdown strategies.

The emails were released on Friday by the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis. They show Collins telling Fauci in October 2020 to smear and discredit the Great Barrington Declaration.
  • 💥500 Million Pushed Into Poverty By COVID Policies featuring Jimmy Dore and Max Blumenthal, reporting his insights regarding global poverty, and discussing the prediction made last year (in the headline of the post) that millions would be pushed into poverty--from Dore's channel on YouTube (15:13). If you have time, please 💥listen/view this subsequent post (26:52) from the same source and participants. My reaction: Could it be that the lockdown policies were an integral part of the transnational ruling class's Great Reset?
  • 💥Implanted COVID Microchip Is Here, based on this post (01:15), featuring Jimmy Dore, who was awakened after he was, and is, daily experiencing a post-jab injury, and Max Blumenthal, who agree that most of the "disappointing" political "left" is missing the real story of the ruling class's project--from Dore's channel on YouTube (31:14). This is a best post. My reaction: I am experiencing the disappointing "left" here in southern Minnesota.
  • Sunday~Truths & Lies by John Allen from his weblog on Medium. (Note: You might be required to have a subscription to Medium @ $5/mo. to access this article.)
“There cannot be two forms of justice — one for ordinary Americans and a different one for billionaires,” said Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson, who had objected to Purdue’s settlement.
  • Sputnik V: It's what Klaus Schwab craves! by Edward Slavsquat from his weblog on Substack. My reaction: Slavsquat is a Russian dissident that I have followed in recent weeks. I can't vouch for the accuracy of his articles, and this is the first one that I'm posting. So, put on your critical thinking goggles.
  • New World Next Year 2022 featuring James Corbett featuring Canadian James Corbett and American James Evan Pilato in a podcast (34:06) from The Corbett Report via Corbett's channel on Odysee.
Can the system ever change or are we stuck?! Yanis Varoufakis warns how the state has been corrupted by greedy and self-seeking politicians and whether we can turn to alternative systems.
Washington’s uncompromising foreign policy of coercing and crushing nations rather than allowing nations to enjoy constructive ties between both East and West has gone from protecting nearly a century of US global domination to a process of the US’ own self-isolation.

Should Myanmar’s crisis subside and stability be restored specifically because of China’s economic rather than political or military intervention, a strong signal will be sent to the rest of Southeast Asia targeted by US interference and facing similar choices of either tolerating US interference because of the financial stranglehold the US still has over the region and the world – or adopting alternatives that undercut and eliminate that stranglehold.

  • Anti-Chinese Sentiment Continues in South Korea by Konstantin Asmolov from New Eastern Outlook. My reaction: This post, in contrast to the one above, demonstrates that the people of South Korea are resembling those of the USA in swallowing US propaganda.
This is one example, among many, of an attack on monument destroyers that one currently encounters in corporate media and their acolytes. As such, the criticism epitomizes attacks from old-fashioned members of the ruling capitalist class which I refer to as old-fashioned capitalists that have reluctantly yielded to control to our masters in the present capitalist ruling class often referred to as "neoliberals" who are exactly the same as "neoconservatives" (if they don't want to offend right-wing or Zionist Jews). They are really advanced versions of capitalists or transnational capitalists who currently rule over a de-facto US/British/Zionist Empire and have an army (NATO) that is spearheading the drive to rule the world.
My personal opinion is that ordinary people are tired "up the wazoo" when seeing in public places such monuments that depict historical ruling class heroes. They belong in museums, but instead, they are prominently displayed in public areas to impose their historical ruling class ideologies on ordinary people. Ordinary people don't have the wherewithal to move them to museums, but take matters into their practical hands to destroy them, and with them, their past ruling class ideologies. There are plenty such historical relics to put in museums. Only the present spokesmen of the recent or current ruling classes object to this revolutionary display by ordinary people. 
The present-day critics such as Jared Taylor often lump them together with the destroyers of ancient ruling classes by terrorist armies that are sponsored by the US/British/Zionist transnational ruling class. 
  • Are Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos Going to Space? featuring the views and analysis of Prof. (retired) Guy McPherson, an independent scientist (via his YouTube channel--08:48), who has fearlessly focused his attention throughout his career on the climate crisis.