We’ve lived so long under the spell of hierarchy—from god-kings to feudal lords to party bosses—that only recently have we awakened to see not only that “regular” citizens have the capacity for self-governance, but that without their engagement our huge global crises cannot be addressed. The changes needed for human society simply to survive, let alone thrive, are so profound that the only way we will move toward them is if we ourselves, regular citizens, feel meaningful ownership of solutions through direct engagement. Our problems are too big, interrelated, and pervasive to yield to directives from on high.
—Frances Moore Lappé, excerpt from Time for Progressives to Grow Up

Saturday, February 26, 2022

Posts that I especially recommend for Saturday, February 26, 2022

  • It’s Happening Again featuring Russell Brand, a British comedian turned serious activist, ranting about CDC redacted pages, Anthony Fauci, and other matters--from Brand's channel on Rumble (12:59).
  • Ukraine - Donetsk and Luhansk, Crimea and Donbas, Alfred de Zayas (English in depth interview) from Potkaars podcast's channel on Odysee (1:09:18--re-posted on Geopolitics and Empire). (Note: Alfred de Zayas, Professor of International Law at the Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations, gives us a comprehensive historical background on the conflict that presently occurring in Ukraine. My reaction: I thoroughly agree with Mike Whitney that the Nordstream 2 Pipeline is crucial to the Empire's control of the world. This is what the Ukraine issue is all about--to instill fear in all Europeans that the "Russians are coming!"--to prevent the use of the Nordsteam 2 gas pipeline. I am also of the opinion that the Europeans will reject this fear in favor of much cheaper Russian gas. Biden has already said that if the Russians invade Ukraine, he will only step up the financial sanctions against Russia--as if the Russians care!
When it comes to geopolitical issues, how can we tell what’s really happening? It’s no secret that people have lost trust in legacy media as a result of COVID, and even before COVID. Scientists, doctors and journalists presenting information that calls into question government narratives and measures have been ignored, ridiculed and censored. When it comes to geopolitical issues in the past, we’ve seen the same.
War, like COVID, has long been used to serve ulterior motives.
Putin: I appeal to the servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Do not allow neo-Nazis and Bandera supporters to use your children, your wives, and elderly people as human shields. Take power into your own hands. It seems that it will be easier for us to come to an agreement than with this gang of junkies and neo-Nazis, who settled in Kiev and took the entire Ukrainian people hostage.
  • This Changes Everything featuring Russell Brand, a British comedian turned activist, commenting on the Russian invasion of Ukraine--using Brand's channel on YouTube (17:49). My reaction: This commentary is one of the best we can expect from Brand, but he doesn't provide enough context to this invasion which was promoted by the de-facto US/British/Zionist Empire's aggression against Russia using Ukraine as a pretext. Furthermore, weren't the Russian population of Donbass subject to daily shelling from the Neo-Nazis in the government of Ukraine? And I remain in doubt about the legitimacy of the fascist regime currently governing Ukraine--it was installed by the subversive practices of the Empire.
  • US’ real strategic color of selfishness, hypocrisy revealed in Ukraine crisis: Global Times editorial from Global Times, which is said by many to represent the Chinese Communist Party. My reaction: The hypocrisy of NATO and its controllers in the de-facto US/British/Zionist Empire is pointed out in this article, and which may be learned by people all over the world, that is, if the self-serving propaganda isn't allowed to influence them. The directors of the Empire, out of desperation, are gambling that once again they can fool the people of the world with their propaganda.

Friday, February 25, 2022

Posts that I especially recommend for Friday, February 25, 2022

  • The Pandemic's Global Impact featuring an interview (59:03) with Michel Chossudovsky, founder and editor of Global Research, conducted by Bonnie Faulkner from her weblog Guns and Butter.
Michel Chossudovsky describes sweeping restrictive measures applied in Quebec, including a generalized curfew; issue of fundamental human rights; destabilization of civil society and economic activity leading in some cases to famine; two different testing procedures for identifying viruses are discussed; CDC and WHO no longer endorse the PCR test; difference between a genetic sequence and a virus; Canadian government funding of massive testing is creating a fiscal crisis; heavy indebtedness due to March 2020 lockdowns; Gates and Soros have patents on tests according to Forbes; complex overlapping alliances of sectors of Russia and China with the WEF; banking industry in China opened to the west via its entry into the WTO; head of China’s CDC, George Fu Gao, part of Event 201 simulation; nature of capitalism in China; composition of the Chinese Communist Party; 1960s Chinese Cultural Revolution; social structure in China based on Confucianism.
  • Movement for a People’s Party Founder Addresses Harassment Allegations featuring Nick Brana, a founder of the People's Party, interviewed by Jimmy Dore, reporting on his experience since he founded the political party--from Dore's channel on YouTube (25:12). My reaction: Brana's experience is very typical of why the ruling capitalist class will not tolerate a third party in our "democracy". I know this from personal experience when I was active with the Peace and Freedom Party in California in the 1980s.
  • This Is A Deeply Ominous Sign featuring Russell Brand, a British comedian turned serious activist critic, commenting on the Emergency Act and Chrystia Freeland, Deputy Prime Minister of Canada--from Brand's channel on YouTube (19:39). My reaction: You may also be interested in Jimmy Dore's take on this subject.
  • Understanding Ukrainian Nazism by Lucas Leiroz, researcher in Social Sciences at the Rural Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and geopolitical consultant--from BRICS
  • Twelve Thoughts On Ukraine by Australian Caitlin Johnstone with her American husband, Tim Foley, also reading the script (07:52), but you may miss supporting examples, illustrations, etc.)--from her weblog. 
  • 💥NATO Too Weak to Face Russia: Scott Ritter on Russian Offensive featuring an interview (38:35) with Scott Ritter (you will need to scroll down to the bio) conducted by Richard Medhurst from TheAltWorld. This is a best post. My reaction: The Russians are under threat from NATO, the army of the de-facto US/British/Zionist Empire, because of the latter's aggressive encroachment on Russia, have taken action to protect themselves after diplomatic efforts. The Empire's propaganda is going to smear Russian actions as a threat to all of Europe to encourage Europeans to take their propaganda seriously, deny them cheap Russian gas via Nord Stream 2, and prevent the economic integration of Europe and Russia. If the American people believe the propaganda that the media corporations are spreading regarding the Russian actions against Ukraine, after they have been lied to with their propaganda regarding the "pandemic", it will only demonstrate the power of propaganda and indoctrination that has gone on for many decades. However, Europeans are not so gullible when it affects their pocketbooks. Hopefully, the Ukrainians, together with their Nazis, will wake up to the fact that they have been used by the Empire against Russia instead of believing the propaganda spewed by European capitalist media corporations.
This puts the life of the entire Western world at risk for no reason except the hubristic claim that the West is exceptional and entileded [sic--entitled] to hegemomy over the world.
  • Rumble Live Transcript: The War in Ukraine by Glenn Greenwald from his weblog on Substack. (Note: This post, which includes a recording of his commentary (1:29:44) and transcript, is more for gullible people who listen to media corporations and tend to take seriously ruling class propaganda. If this description does not fit you, you can skip the lengthy post. Instead, if this is partially true, watch the next post.)
  • Fear of US abandonment haunts DPP authority: Global Times editorial, an editorial from Global Times, a major Chinese publication which reputedly reflects the views of the Chinese Communist Party. My reaction: Apparently the Chinese government (therefore the Chinese Communist Party) hopes that the Taiwanese will think about what has happened in Ukraine will happen to them if they consume too much of the capitalist Empire's propaganda.
“The U.S. military is the largest institutional polluter in the world. There is no corporation or industry that compares to the damage and devastation done by the U.S. war machine,” Abby Martin told Watchdog host Lowkey today.

Abby Martin is a California-based artist, journalist and filmmaker who is host of The Empire Files, a series that analyzes the world through the framing of the United States as a global empire. Her upcoming movie, “Earth’s Greatest Enemy,” exposes how the U.S. military and America’s endless wars are a key driver in catastrophic climate change.

  • IAEA to Check the Release of Fukushima Water into Ocean by Vladimir Danilov from New Eastern Outlook. My reaction: Danilov waits till the last paragraph to reveal that the IAEA only promotes the safety of the Japanese NPP (Nuclear Power Plant), and thus is not a legitimate agency to investigate the dangers of NPPs to human health. Because this agency is "autonomous" (private) and promotes the safety of nuclear power plants, I suspect that the IAEA is significantly funded by "voluntary contributions" which leaves the door open for funding by construction corporations like Westinghouse corporation
Nuclear power: As a result of its participation in the US government's military program for nuclear energy applications (e.g. The Nuclear Navy) Westinghouse was instrumental in the development and commercialization of nuclear energy systems for electric power generation. This business currently operates as the Westinghouse Electric Company, and is owned by Brookfield Business Partners of Canada. Electricite de France (EDF) a major global player in the nuclear power business, was a long-time licensee of the Westinghouse nuclear technology.
Danilov's argument is perfectly valid. Wikipedia (under "Secretariat") even mentions this fact:
The IAEA budget is in two parts. The regular budget funds most activities of the IAEA and is assessed to each member nation (€344 million in 2014).[31] The Technical Cooperation Fund is funded by voluntary contributions with a general target in the US$90 million range.[31] [my insertion] 
The €344 million mentioned in the quote could be a result of pressure from the IMF and World Bank on individual nations to accept loans from the latter agencies. Both are organized and funded by the de-facto capitalist US/British/Zionist Empire.
  • Should climate campaigns be radical or moderate? featuring "Rupert Read and Roger Hallam discuss[ing] the virtues and vices of moderate and radical flanks in the climate movement."--from Read's channel on YouTube (25:00). My reaction: Having watched only 20 minutes of the video, I think it is fair to say that Read advocates a moderate position and Hallam represents a radical position. I think that Hallam is "right-on" in advocating a radical position because he is appropriately framing the climate crisis as threatening the Earth with the extinction of humans (and most other species). It is clear, though, that Extinction Rebellion, as an organization, has both a moderate and a radical wing.

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Posts that I especially recommend for Thursday, February 24, 2022

Covid, as has become increasingly obvious is the greatest crime ever imposed on the people on such a global scale. With few exceptions it has affected everybody, everywhere. The mass awakening it has inspired has led to mass uprisings around the globe. Which at the time of writing show no signs of abating, in fact they are growing. As more information about the Pandemic emerges the worse it gets as the depth of the evil is further exposed. It is fair to assume as more details continue to come out, those still accepting the lie will join the already awakened in anger.

What the Covid tyranny has exposed is the total corruption of not just the political class but of all the institutions of power and control.

  • So This Is How Pfizer Did It featuring Russell Brand, a British comedian turned activist, reviews many reports indicating the Pfizer made huge profits from the selling of their vaccines to various governments--using Brand's channel on YouTube (14:11).  
Since countries of the South became independent, the World Bank, the IMF, the Paris Club, the ruling classes in the North and in the South have claimed that a country of the South that aspires at economic progress has to both get into debt and open its domestic market to foreign goods and investments. The same actors claim that countries of the South that have commodity resources must exploit and export them. This dogmatic approach that rests on the threefold diktat debt, the maximal opening of the economies and extractivism keeps those countries in a position of dependence, subordination, under-development and permanent indebtedness. The overwhelming majority of people in those countries live precarious lives at best or in the starkest poverty.

The debt contracted by most governments is used to fund projects and policies that actually increase the country’s dependence and eventually fail. 
  • 'Kiev's govt literally has no cards to play' - Scott Ritter on Donbass escalation featuring Ritter in an interview conducted by an employee of RT using RT's channel on YouTube (07:33). (Note: The RT interviewer references a "Swiss Banking System" which is one method of processing international payments, but the SWIFT international payments system is a dominant system that most corporations and governments rely on to settle payments.)
  • Western sanctions won’t help solve Ukraine crisis: FM by Yang Sheng and Xie Jun from Global Times. My reaction: Because the Global Times is reputedly the voice of the Communist Party that decides all things in China, I see the following quote which contains a veiled threat to the Empire's SWIFT system of international payments:
Chinese analysts said that Russia seemed well prepared for Western sanctions before Russian President Vladimir Putin signed on Monday two decrees recognizing "the Lugansk People's Republic (LPR)" and "the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR)" as independent and sovereign states. As Russia has huge energy reserves including oil and gas, as well as rare metals, Moscow does have measures to hit back, and its cooperation with China in payment systems could limit the impact of any Western sanctions.
The Canadian Senate was set to vote on whether the act would be extended. Given the legal requirements for invoking the act to begin with were shaky, it is rumoured that the Senate was not going to pass it. This would mean Trudeau revoked it before it could be struck down. If true, this likely would have been done as a PR move to maintain public perception that the invocation of the emergency act was well thought out.

Trudeau was receiving a great deal of backlash from fellow politicians in Canada, Canadian citizens and world leaders around the world who thought the use of emergency powers in this situation was not only unnecessary but the standards for invoking the act legally were not met.
  • Edge of Extinction: How To Proceed? featuring the views and analysis of Prof. (retired) Guy McPherson, an independent scientist (via his YouTube channel--09:34), who has fearlessly focused his attention throughout much of his prior career and retirement on the climate crisis.

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Posts that I especially recommend for Wednesday, February 23, 2022

  • 💥Technocracy: The Operating System For The New International Rules-Based Order by Iain Davis from Unlimited Hangout. This is a best post. (Note: The post is a very lengthy, difficult-to-understand article, but a very important article.) My reaction: I spent considerable time on this article, but I think it is time worth spent. It is filled with high-level political/economic organizations and their abbreviations, but the latter abbreviations are continued in the remainder of the lengthy text. In addition, Davis, a British citizen, presents a largely British point-of-view with extensive references to British, and Commonwealth, references. But to top all these difficulties--and it is my pet peeve--the author puts all quotes in large fonts and with bold letters to imply that these quotes should be taken seriously more than the text. But, if you have the time, wade through these difficulties and you will be rewarded with very insights about very important contemporary issues. I may comment on this post in the future.
  • 💥Oliver Stone & Abby Martin: Down the JFK Rabbit Hole featuring an interview conducted by Abby Martin with Oliver Stone--from Abby's Empire Files' channel on YouTube (53:58). This is a best post. My reaction: The story of Stone's awakening is unfortunately a story of only a minority of Americans who have been for decades indoctrinated, propagandized, distracted by entertainment, and their own comforts by the ruling capitalist class whose highly secretive CIA ran most operations of the development of their world-dominating de-facto US/British/Zionist Empire (see this and read this).
  • It Begins featuring Russell Brand, a British independent thinker of politics, exposing the latest moves by the ruling capitalist class via their government to label those who disagree with them as "terrorists"--from Brand's channel on YouTube (12:30).
  • Donbass and Crimea – an insider view from journalist Eva Bartlett featuring an interview conducted by Vanessa Beeley, a Brit, with Eva Bartlett, a Canadian. I consider both among the top journalists of the world along with Pepe Escobar, Jonathan Cook, and others--from Beeley's weblog The Wall Will Fall. (Note: I haven't listened to this, but I will.)

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Posts that I especially recommend for Tuesday, February 22, 2022

  • 💥Love is the Answer: Escaping the COVID matrix w/Alicen Grey & Sean Seybold by Mickey Z., a NYC activist, who conducts an audio interview with two guests--from his Post-Woke weblog on Substack. This is a best post. (Note: If you are short of time, I think you can begin to listen at 09:40 of the entire 1:04:50 interview of the 1:09:50 post; thus it is about 55 minutes for the interview.)
Johnny Vedmore discusses how he feels one phase of COVID1984 is coming to an end and more people are beginning to question things. He gives us a deep dive on Cobra Commander Klaus Schwab and the Malthusian eugenics of Davos and the Club of Rome. WEF has run Britain for the last 20 years. The Young Global Leaders have taken over every single position of power. We're late to the party, we're done, we have let them run us through. He gives his take on the nature of the pandemic, the Wellcome Trust, and believes intelligence agencies are really running the show, that there are no more remaining independent actors (e.g. multipolar world). A lot of people he talks to think the endgame is something like a biblical apocalypse. 
  • Documents Suggest We’ve Been Lied To About The Moon & What’s On It by Arjun Walia from The Pulse. My reaction: Based on history, Walia suggests that all governments lie. But this is especially true of governments owned by a ruling class. It is a necessary goal to have the people take ownership of the government. This could be accomplished under capitalist rule by taking ownership of the economy away from capitalists, a tiny fraction of the people.  
The United States is stoking tensions in both Europe and East Asia, with Ukraine and Taiwan as the current flashpoints on the doorsteps of Russia and China which are the targeted nations. Let us be clear at the outset. As we shall see, the endpoint of this process is not for the U.S. to do battle with Russia or China but to watch China and Russia fight it out with the neighbors to the ruin of both sides. The US is to “lead from behind’ – as safely and remotely as can be arranged.

To make sense of this and react properly, we must be very clear-eyed about the goal of the U.S. Neither Russia nor China has attacked or even threatened the U.S. Nor are they in a position to do so – unless one believes that either is ready to embark on a suicidal nuclear war.

Why should the U.S. Elite and its media pour out a steady stream of anti-China and anti-Russia invective? Why the steady eastward march of NATO since the end of the first Cold War? The goal of the U.S. is crystal clear – it regards itself as the Exceptional Nation and entitled to be the number one power on the planet, eclipsing all others.

One can frequently disagree with government policies without necessarily regarding them with disgust, but the Joe Biden Administration has turned that corner, first with its senseless promotion of a new Cold War that could turn hot with Russia and, more recently, with its actions undertaken to undermine and punish Afghanistan. The fact that the White House wraps itself in the sanctimonious, self-righteous twaddle that is so much the hallmark of the political left is bad enough, but when the government goes out of its way to harm and even kill people around the world in pursuit of an elusive global dominance it is time for the American people to rise up and say “Stop!”
But Americans won't rise up and say "stop!" and the US ruling class knows this. The only way this will happen is that the counterparts of Trudeau enforce tyrannical laws on the largely self-interested, self-absorbed, and easily distracted American people who have bought into the "exceptional USA" propaganda.
As all eyes were trained on the aggressive police sweep of the Ottawa trucker convoy this week, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau’s administration was quietly moving to implement a sweeping expansion of surveillance power at the federal level.

The Trudeau government’s financial war against the truckers has been covered at length. But one underreported aspect of this broader assault on Canadian civil liberties is the effort to bring crowdfunding and payment service providers — two of the most prominent routes for financial transactions on the Internet — under the permanent control of a centralized government authority.
Pets become part of the family. Truckers on long-haul commutes often have a dog for companionship, and once the Canadian government is facing a mob of irate truckers whose beloved pets were seized, they’re going to have a much bigger problem on their hands.
  • Under United States Pressure On Germany Faces a Moment of Choice by James ONeill from New Eastern Outlook. My reaction: I thoroughly agree with Mike Whitney that the Nordstream 2 Pipeline is crucial to the Empire's control of the world. This is what the Ukraine issue is all about--to instill fear in all Europeans that the Russians are coming!--to prevent the use of Nordsteam 2. I am also of the opinion that they will reject this fear in favor of much cheaper Russian gas. Biden has already said that if the Russians invade Ukraine, he will only step up the financial sanctions against Russia--as if the Russians care!
... Russia found a way to intervene in the conflict without promoting an invasion of Ukraine. The local militias, who until now had few resources to face the violence of the Ukrainian state, will have the support of the Russian armed forces to prevent further attacks and protect the civilian population.

Russia has not committed any illegal act under international law. The United Nations permits the use of military force for the self-defense of others. With the recognition of the new states, Moscow has the right to protect them from any aggression.

Although the investigation into the January unrest in Kazakhstan is not over yet, the fingerprints of the US, UK and a range of other Washington’s allies are all over the place.

Monday, February 21, 2022

Posts that I especially recommend for Monday, February 21, 2022

  • 💥The Eager Willingness Of Government To Murder Its Own Is The Embodiment Of Evil by Gary D. Barnett from EarthNewspaper. This is a best post. My reaction: In my opinion, yes, Covid-19 is real after the Empire's ruling class invented and spread it around to Wuhan, China and Iran, but it in no way justified a "pandemic" that was declared by the corrupted World Health Organization. The ruling class of the de-facto US/British/Zionist Empire has had an entire boatload of tricks to support the fear of the declared "pandemic". However, that is not to say that these new mRNA "vaccinations" won't eventually kill a large percentage of people who get them--only time will tell. So far the data shows that they come at a high risk. I would not trust media corporations and Big Pharma because they are servants of the self-serving ruling class of finance and substantial owners of major corporations.
Lest we forget, it is not a fake or mysterious disease or ‘virus’ that is responsible for the unnecessary death and destruction that has befallen mankind, it is the deliberate elimination of those thought to be undesirables by the controlling class of monsters and their pawns in government. This is not ‘conspiracy theory,’ as espoused by the powerful and their media, it is an actual conspiracy.
Roman Vega, Global Coordinator of People’s Health Movement, talks to Peoples Dispatch about the achievements and the challenges faced by the movement in 2021, the path ahead and major priorities. He points out that the difficulties in accessing comprehensive healthcare are caused by an approach linked to the concept of health business developed through neoliberal policies which also hinders strategies for health promotion and disease prevention. He also adds that in order to realize the changes we wish to achieve, we must bring people of different regions and countries together through mobilizations and struggles.
  • European Union prefers corporate profits over the health of people across the world by Abdul Rahman from Peoples Dispatch. My reaction: The European Union is made of capitalist nations--the US and what was left of the British Empire after WWII that determined what was Europe (under their control) was shaped by capitalism, so why the headline? Capitalism is all about profits and power and the concentration of those factors under the control of a ruling class. In 1991 after the self-serving bureaucratically controlled system in the Soviet Union disintegrated in Russia, the de-facto US/British/Zionist Empire gradually took over eastern Europe with the result that they, too, have capitalist economies. Russia has a mixed economy (capitalist enterprises and what was left of a government-controlled "socialist" enterprises. The Empire tolerates no independent nations, and Russia (and China) refuses to be controlled by the self-serving Empire. In addition, they have a residue of "socialist" enterprises. The reason I put socialism in quotes is because they are not controlled by the people, but by the government, a government that has policies for the general benefit of the nation. Generally this applies to China with minor deviations.
  • Neurorights and Neuromarkets by Whitney Webb from Vimeo. (Note: This is a short video post (01:20) from a longer one that lies behind a paywall that is used to fund articles/videos by Webb.) 
Yes, it’s an odd title. Let’s turn to Merriam-Webster for definitions. “Salt of the Earth:” — “a very good and honest person or group of people,” and “foot soldiers:” — “a person likened to an infantryman especially in doing active and usually unglamorous work in support of an organization or movement.” I have several synonyms for foot soldiers: functionaries, lackeys, toadies, water carriers, and courtiers. Whatever we name them, they have in common doing the biding of people in power, or the power elite.
My reaction: The "Salt of the Earth and Foot Soldiers" after many decades of propaganda and indoctrination are well prepared for their role as servants to the powerful ruling class.  
  • The Democracy Illusion by Gary M. Galles from American Institute for Economic Research. My reaction: As known by longtime readers of my weblog, I see most societies or nations separated into socioeconomic classes where there is a ruling class that controls all institutions including the government. Otherwise, I agree with Galles.
In a subsequent column, on January 28, 2021, Strategic Culture Foundation highlighted how the Biden administration would ramp up efforts to sabotage the Nord Stream 2 gas project between Russia and the European Union. This unspoken objective has come to a head in the present crisis over Ukraine. It is driving the geopolitical dynamics behind the conflict between the U.S. and Russia, as explained in a later SCF article published on June 8, 2021, – some five months before the crisis erupted in Western media coverage.
  • Cory Morningstar: This is a Complete Descent Into Global Fascism featuring Morningstar in an interview conducted by an unnamed interviewer from the channel of Geopolitics & Empire on Odysee (47:58). (Note: I could understand about 2/3 of what Morningstar said, and she appeared to be depressed by what she has witnessed in Canada.
Cory Morningstar gives us a report from the front lines of the Great Reset in Canada. Everything the media says is a lie and you can forget about the whole left-right paradigm, this is a global class war and descent into fascism. Covid has been a huge catalyst and cover to unroll this huge reset of the global economic system, a project of Prince Charles. The British Commonwealth has just partnered with WHO to vaccinate the entire planet by July 2022 and is working with the World Bank in a huge campaign to get Digital Identity to everyone by 2030. The vaccine is a portal to the Digital ID. We're going into global governance and the Digital ID is the umbilical cord to the Smart City. The conduit to the 4IR is your smartphone, for now. The eugenicist aspect of the program is simply a business decision (e.g. pension crisis). What you can access will be dependent on your level of compliance. Freedom, health, and your immune system will become a service or subscription. 
My reaction: I found two things in which I disagreed with Morningstar: 1) She targets the "British Commonwealth" as the seat of all evil, but I, on the other hand, target the de-facto US/British/Zionist Empire (see this and read this). 2) She seems to think that Russia and China are a part of this Reset plan--I emphatically disagree. But I thoroughly agree with Morningstar that the directors of the Empire are trying, and largely succeeding, to instill in their compliant populations a sense of "entitlement" by attempting to induce the compliant members of these nations an attitude that they are better than the "deplorables".
  • Kamila Valieva – the World’s Ice Angel by Larry Romanoff from The Unz Review. My reaction: The author supplies over-long evidence that the International Olympics Committee is as Romanoff argues--riven (def.) by the de-facto US/British/Zionist Empire's political uses:
There are a few muted voices on the other side. Johannes Herber, the managing director of Athletes Germany, makes clear that “These Olympic Games are more political than any before. ....

The reason the sports authorities will be deaf to all criticism is that they are not doing their jobs badly; they are performing perfectly according to their real agenda – which could be briefly summarised as “Bring as much embarrassment, financial loss, humiliation, pain, to both China and Russia. The Olympics are merely one cannon in their arsenal. This is the cause of the “investigations” by WADA, USADA, and the IOC, into Kamila, Kamila’s entire ‘entourage’, the ROC and much more. If there is any way they can use US laws to “sanction” Kamila and many others, they will do it, and things would not have progressed to this late stage without a plan that is likely foolproof.