We’ve lived so long under the spell of hierarchy—from god-kings to feudal lords to party bosses—that only recently have we awakened to see not only that “regular” citizens have the capacity for self-governance, but that without their engagement our huge global crises cannot be addressed. The changes needed for human society simply to survive, let alone thrive, are so profound that the only way we will move toward them is if we ourselves, regular citizens, feel meaningful ownership of solutions through direct engagement. Our problems are too big, interrelated, and pervasive to yield to directives from on high.
—Frances Moore Lappé, excerpt from Time for Progressives to Grow Up

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Empire Under Obama, Part 3: America's "Secret Wars" in Over 100 Countries Around the World

Click here to access article by Andrew Gavin Marshall from The Hampton Institute.

If you need more education on the Empire's current military operations throughout the world, this is it. However, once again, I must object to focusing on Obama and any other figures. Such an analysis misses the forest by focusing on individual trees. Such a focus only makes implicit the reality of a hidden government whose continuity is unchanged by the personalities occupying particular offices over time. Take, for example the following two paragraphs which function as a conclusion to the essay:
Yet, under Obama, the president who had won public relations industry awards for his well-managed presidential advertising campaign promising "hope" and "change," the empire has found itself waging war in roughly one hundred nations, conducting an unprecedented global terror campaign, increasing its abuses of human rights, war crimes and crimes against humanity, all under the aegis of the Nobel Peace Prize-winner Barack Obama.

Whether the president is Clinton, Bush, or Obama, the Empire of Terror wages on its global campaign of domination and subjugation, to the detriment of all humanity, save those interests that sit atop the constructed global hierarchy. It is in the interests of the ruling elite that America protects and projects its global imperial designs. It is in the interests of all humanity, then, that the Empire be opposed - and ultimately, deconstructed - no matter who sits in office, no matter who holds the title of the 'high priest of hypocrisy' (aka: President of the United States). It is the Empire that rules, and the Empire that destroys, and the Empire that must, in turn, be demolished.
[My emphasis]
In the first paragraph notice that Obama is given an award by the public relations industry for fooling the public. Public relations is a polite name given to slick advertising methods used to sell ideas or "images" instead of products. This gives some credence to my point of view that Obama, like most presidents since the assassination of Kennedy (50 years ago yesterday), function as public relations officers for a shadow government. 

The second paragraph does likewise by showing that individual personalities really don't matter. It then makes a vague allusion to a ruling elite and "the Empire"--but, who are they? The personalities mentioned previously? He makes a final brief reference to "those interests that sit atop the constructed global hierarchy". What collective interests do they have? What organizes and supports these decision makers who function in the same pattern over many decades? These are questions that need to be answered so that we can move beyond personalities and see the underlying forces responsible for these crimes against humanity.  

Then we can proceed to build a revolutionary movement that can both defeat this global hierarchy and construct a different social system in which such cancers can never again infect societies across the world.